What You Need to Make a Dorm Bed Comfortable


If you’ve ever seen an unmade dorm bed before, you know they are uncomfortable looking. If you ever sat or laid on one, you know that it is as uncomfortable as it looks. Colleges tell new students to bring extra-long sheets for making the bed, but that is not nearly enough if you want to sleep well night after night.

You will need a feather or foam bed to make your dorm bed comfortable. A couple of inches of foam or feather directly on top of the ma tress will make it much more comfortable. Featherbeds start at $35.00 and can go up to $150 for a twin-sized bed. The more expensive feather beds will generally be more comfortable. Alternatively, you may enjoy a Tempurpedic foam mattress to make your bed feel luxurious. They start at $50.00 fr a 1/5 inch mattress topper. (Guys may prefer the foam bed as it will not make the bed look as fluffy as a feather bed.) Mattressify’s author will also tell you the difference between these mattresses and what is perfect for you according to your needs.

You will need a mattress cover to make your dorm bed comfortable. A mattress cover will keep your featherbed or foam mattress from shifting around. A hypo-allergic mattress cover or a bed bug and/ or dust mite mattress cover will help you sleep better at night by giving you peace of mind. You can order such mattress covers from laweekly as well.

You are finally ready for that extra-long sheet. It also has to be extra deep to accommodate the bed topper and mattress cover. Purchase a full set that includes top and bottom sheets and a couple of pillowcases. You may want to look for a set that also includes the comforter.

You will want a comforter and a lighter weight blanket for your bed. When it is warm, you can fold back the comforter and use just the light blanket. When it is cold, you can use all of the layers to trap in the heat and keep you warm. The multiple layered looks will also make your bed look very attractive and plush when made up.

You will need large floor sized pillows to make your dorm room comfortable. The pillows will allow you to line them up on the wall and converting the bed into a sofa during the day. They can also be used on the floor for extra seating. If your bed regularly doubles as a sofa, hide your head pillows behind the floor pillows so no-one will sit on them.

You may also want to purchase a throw blanket to put on the bed so that whoever sits on the bed does not sit on your blankets and pillows.

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