Things to Keep Away from the Bathtub when Young Kids Bathe


I don’t think anything of it when the kids want to take a bath, I usually just show them the hot and cold faucets in the tub and let them know where the soap, shampoo and conditioner is and lay out a few fresh towels and let them splash around in the tub with reckless abandon. However, the younger kids have taught me a thing or two about what to put out of reach when you’ve got kids in the tub, and what to put out for them instead. 

Unless you want a 6 year old shaving their legs with your razor, it’s best to put that sucker away when they’re bathing. Also, remove the bar of soap so they don’t slip on it or pop it out of their fingers so it lands in the toilet. Instead, supply an anti-bacterial pumping hand soap for them to bathe with to avoid bathroom mishaps.

Take away the nice shampoo and conditioner YOU use, unless you don’t mind your expensive products being poured all over in the water so the kids can have a bubble fest after they get bored washing their hair. Supply a cheaper product (like VO5) or a kid’s shampoo and conditioner that you don’t mind them dumping out all over so you don’t have to replace your $40 bottle of shampoo after a half hour adventure in the tubby.

Supply water bath toys so the kids can have fun in the tub. I have little rubber ducks that the kids can play with, and grape bubble bath that keeps them from whining in the tub. I also take out my body wash, nice wash cloths (I replace them with older wash cloths) and put away my blow dryer and straightener so the kiddies don’t get any ideas about trying to blow dry their own hair when they finally do pop out of the tub. It also keeps them from getting water all over my plug in accessories.

Hide the body lotion. Trust me. It WILL end up everywhere. Keep hair gels, hair sprays, and perfumes out of sight as well, and for that matter, any feminine hygiene products unless you don’t mind seeing your tampons ballooned out in the sink like big white fish.

Check on the kids often to make sure they’re not up to mischief. If you hear thumping around in there you better check it out. I caught the 6 year old bathing the cat in the water once, towels scattered all over the place to dry the sprawling, freaking out cat with. There was a towel in the toilet as well that got dropped in there when she was reaching the towel rack and dumped all the towels over.

Basically, my new rule of thumb in the bathroom is to clear it out just like I do when I bathe my dog. Anything I don’t want drenched, knocked over, dumped out, or ruined I put away before the kids hit the tub. The essentials I provide for them now (after trial and error) is a single towel, a cup for rinsing and playing, bath toys, a pump soap, a bottle of 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, and an old wash cloth. I clear the counter space of anything that will draw interest and knock on the door every 5 minutes to check up on the adventurous bather. Putting up the toilet paper is a great idea as well if you don’t want a new sopping roll hanging off the holder. The less you have out on display in the bathroom when you have younguns bathing in there, the better off everyone will be.

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