Quick At Home Method For Stopping Nose Bleeds


It seems like everyone at some point or another gets a bloody nose. Regardless of the cause, you still need to know how to stop the bleeding until a physician can be contacted. For hemophiliacs, this can be a life-threatening problem, and this is something that everyone should know how to do. If you think a broken bone or a dislocation may have caused it, you should always contact a doctor or emergency room to have a consultation. Finding ways to stop nose bleeds is like finding a quality doctor who specializes in rhinoplasty to fix the botched nose job. To complete this at home, you will need a pair of scissors, cotton balls and a roll or pad of gauze.

To start you will want to pull apart a cotton ball so it isn’t a ball anymore. Instead, it should look like two individual pieces of cotton. Fray the ends of it into a fuzzy halo between two fingers. Now you want to take each piece and roll it in your fingers until it looks like a pencil eraser and is very hard in texture.

Now you will want to cut 2 pieces of gauze off your roll, into 2 two-inch squares. Put one of the small cotton balls into the center of the piece of gauze and roll them into tiny, hard balls that resemble an aspirin.

Now squeeze the gauze ball between your fingers so that it will fit into the bleeding nostril of the nose. You only want to place it far enough into the nose so you cannot see it hanging out of the nostril. Now you need to pinch the nose at the bridge, with medium pressure. Tilt the head backwards so the chin is not parallel with the floor, but is at a 90-degree angle with the floor. If you hold the pinch on the bridge of the nose for about 1 minute, the bleeding should cease. If you have bleeding from both nostrils, the other piece of gauze and cotton ball should be used in it. If the bleeding is bad enough in one nostril, you can always use the other in this nostril instead.

Using the pinch method and packing the nose should stop any minor bleeding due to a busted nose or heat induced bleeding. If this is not the case, and a broken or dislocated nose is suspected, you will need to contact a doctor immediately, as there is no at home fix for this condition. If you try this method and bleeding still occurs, try again and hold the pinch for 3 minutes. When bleeding persists after a 5-minute interval with no signs of stopping, you should always seek professional help as soon as possible. This can be caused by many different things, and you should not try to diagnose the problem at home, as serious bleeding conditions could persist. I am not a doctor, and have no medical training. These are just tips that I have picked up over the years that seem to work for me and those I know.

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