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Benefits of Blue Sapphire


(Saturn is considered to be the most malefic planet of all. At the same time, it’s eventual impact is considered to soothe out all the early ill-impacts.) Other than this, Blue Sapphire is considered to be too effective in its impact to drive one to the pinnacle the reputation in all aspects. If allocated properly, then Blue Sapphire can also fade away all sorts of misfortunes from one’s life, even those who are intact since a long time. An absolute pure and immaculate Blue Sapphire also bestows its wearer with abundance of healthiness, prosperity, contentment, longevity, reputation, recognition, and security in life. Also, with Blue Sapphire, one is able to reinstate the lost wealth and material things. For women, Neelam can be the stone with which they can revitalize their fertility. People suffering from the ailments of fainting, epilepsy, virility, mental disorder, deafness, and hair loss problems are highly recommended to bear the very useful Blue Sapphire gemstone.

Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone has its own share of beliefs as considered and believed in the world of Astrology. Here are some of the most prominent ones.

  1. If someone has got bitten by a scorpion bite, then Blue Sapphire can be used as a healing tool. Blue Sapphire should be put in some water, and then that water can be applied to the portion of the scorpion bite to eliminate the poison effect. 
  2. Blue Sapphire or Neelam can be effectively used as a tool of Talisman with which one can protect oneself from all sorts of evil impacts and negative energies. 
  3. When the wearer of Blue Sapphire experiences a change in the color of it, he / she should take it as a warning of an attack, threat, or conspiracy from his / her rivals.   
  4. Blue Sapphire worn near the heart can confer its wearer with a state of tranquility of heart.

Be Cautious With Blue Sapphire

It is not necessary for everyone to only draw benefits from Blue Sapphire. An imperfect or blemished Blue Sapphire can create a lot of problems in one’s life, to the same extent with which an immaculate Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone can create benefits for its wearer. The adverse impact as born out of the Blue Sapphire can be of very high intensity creating a complete uproar in one’s life. Also, Blue Sapphire in its intrinsic features holds some flaws, which adversely impact the life of its wearer. For instance, a Blue Sapphire with white lines over it can adversely affect one’s eyes, and bring poverty to one’s life. A conked out Blue Sapphire can bring in bad luck in one’s life in aspects of making its wearer meet through accidents. A dual colored Blue Sapphire can result in sorrow and pain and might bring in troubles in the wearer’s life from the side of the rivals. In case, if Blue Sapphire changes its color or gets splintered, then it should be immediately taken off. With the changes in color, there will be change in the حظك اليوم of the person. All the essential information should be gathered from the website of horoscope and astrology.

Astrology recommends everyone to possess Blue Sapphire only after giving it a trail for a week. Within an adequate week’s time, one can clearly judge the suitability of Blue Sapphire or Neelam stone for oneself. In that week’s time only, one will be able to draw a conclusion regarding the suitability and nature of impact of the gemstone over oneself, i.e. if it is generating positive impact or negative impact.

Laundry Saving Tips for Apartment Tenants


Most people will say there is no way to save money on laundry if you live in an apartment. There are actually a few ways to save money on laundry, no matter where you live. Trying these few simple ideas can cut your laundry costs down. This will also help you manage your purchase of a new condo launch in Singapore

  1. Laundry soap is the first place to start saving. Using either and off-brand or name-brand detergent will cost you between $4.00-$10.00 for a gallon jug. Manufacturers are kind enough to give us a dispense line on the bottle cap. However, you do not need use this much. Two tablespoons of soap will get the average load clean, and use a little more (another tablespoon) for extra soiled clothes. This alone will cut down how often you need to buy soap for the laundry.
  1. Using a laundry booster such as 20 Team Borax or Oxyclean will have your detergent working harder for you. The cost of 20 Team Borax is inexpensive where Oxyclean is a little more costly. Here again you do not use much and the savings will add up.
  1. Treat those stains as soon as possible. Some people swear by the stain removers. I have found that by purchasing a bar of Zote soap. Stains can be removed cheaply. A large bar of Zote will cost roughly 70 cents. You will get stains removed, covering your 70 cents and then some. If you are using Oxyclean or Borax you can also soak the stained clothes in a solution.
  1. Using liquid fabric softener will help keep your soft and can be done at a fraction of the cost. Use a Downy ball if you do not have a dispenser. All fabric

softener can be diluted with water down to last longer.

  1. Hang up your laundry. Whether you pay for the dryer or pay for the power it uses. The dryer is a huge energy hog. Face it, if you are putting $1.00 or more in a coin-operated machine to dry your clothes. It is costing a small fortune. Since coin-operated machines, rarely get your clothes dry in the time alloted. Wait don’t say you have no space. You have more space than you realize. Purchasing some good solid drying racks will reinforce the reason you don’t want to use the dryer. These are collapsible so you can store them when not in use. Doing a search for dryer racks will show you all the possible ideas out there to hang your clothes. I prefer the butterfly style rack. Now the price of the dryer rack may scare you, don’t let it. Some of these racks are expensive. Running $40.00 or more. When purchasing these racks figure out how many loads of clothes do you have to hang in order to have them paid for. It won’t seem that bad in the long run. You are going to wash clothes either way. Your shower rod in your bathroom is another great place to hang clothes. Invest in a second tension rod and you now have extra drying space. The dryer also cause a lot of wear and tear on your clothes. Hanging up your clothes will allow them to last longer.

These simple tips will cut down on the amount of money you spend doing laundry. You do not need to have a clothesline to save money on laundry. Living in an apartment does not mean that you have to spend a ton of money on cleaning your clothes.

Great Stocking Stuffer Gifts For Men


Every grown man is a kid at heart. So, nothing is more disappointing than a stocking stuffed with practical gifts like socks and underwear for Christmas. Many families provide a stocking for every family member at Christmas time. It would be a really exciting tradition if the stocking wasn’t stuffed with nose hair trimmers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, socks, a shoe shine kit, soap, and deodorant. If it’s the thought that counts, someone thinks you look like a bum, smell bad, have bad breath, and need to shine your shoes. There must be better stocking stuffer gifts for men! Here are six ideas for stocking stuffers for men:

  1. A Knife. You don’t have to go all psycho and get the Gordon 8-inch Survival Knife from Harbor Freight. But, a nice little pocket knife makes for a fun, manly, and slightly practical gift. Best of all, pocket knives fit well into a Christmas Stocking. Little pocket knifes like the Buck 425 MiniBuck and Case MiniBlackhorn are very inexpensive and Made in the USA. A Case Sodbuster Junior is a slight step up in price and very practical. If you have a little more to spend a Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool is a fun and practical gadget for lots of little jobs and the Kershaw 1550ST Blackout is a great knife for an outdoorsman. There are lots of great knives available in the stocking stuffer range of $10 to $50.
  2. A Wristwatch. A good bang around watch always makes a great stocking stuffer and there are plenty of attractive watches available for less than $50. For $12, you can get a funky M.Z. Berger Analog-Digital Watch from Walmart. While $20 at Target will get you a fashionably styled Mossimo Watch from Target. The Big Box discount stores also have lots of great watches like the futuristic Armitron Square Digital Sports Watch and the basic Armitron All-Sport Digital Watch. The outdoorsman on your list might like a basic Timex Expedition watch, while the computer technologist on your list might like the retro styling of the classic Casio Men’s Digital Watch. Wonderful watches aren’t all that expensive and make great stocking stuffers. Surely, with this watch, it will complement whatever type of men hair cut the recipient has. With its classy and elegant design, you will never go wrong with it.
  3. A Good Flashlight. If you want a truly macho gift, you might check out the American-made flashlights from Maglite. While a full-sized Maglite might not fit in a typical stocking, the Mini Maglite LED packs a lot of power into a small stocking stuffer sized package.
  4. Electric Shaver. There has always been something cool about the electric razor. While the purist may eschew electric shavers in favor of traditional blades, when you’ve got someplace to be an electric shaver comes in handy. Fortunately, basic entry level shavers like the Remington DA-307 Microscreen Shaver and the Norelco Micro Action Plus Rotary Shaver sell for less than $50. If you want a really cheap infomercial alternative, the MICROforce Wet/Dry Electric Shaver does the job on battery power and can be an essential item for a man’s desk.
  5. Cheap Sunglasses. If you are trying to stay infomercial cheap, a guy can never have too many pairs of cheap sunglasses. Sunglasses like BluBlocker Vipers or HD Vision WrapArounds are cheap and great to have in your car or around the house when you need them.
  6. Compact Binoculars. Finally sportsmen will enjoy having a decent pair of compact binoculars. At the low end, Tasco Essentials 8×21 binoculars are very affordable and they fit great into a man’s Christmas stocking.
  7. All of these men’s stocking stuffer gifts have one thing in common: they are better than socks, toothpaste, deodorant, or nose hair clippers.

SageTV: The Other High Definition PVR


With great care we lifted the SageTV extender from its wrapping. Its plain black exterior belied its capabilities. With this device, the world of high definition television was now ours to command.

While there are several options for personal video recorders (PVRs), SageTV has several unique characteristics. SageTV began as a customizable program in 2002, enabling customers, for a nominal fee, to turn their PCs into PVRs. Such abilities appeal to those tired of the PVR receivers, and the associated fees, available from Dish Network and DirecTV. For those with some basic programming skills, SageTV offers a low-cost alternative which can be loads of fun. SageTV’s program is run from a PC which receives signals from z cable or satellite provider. It then routes this signal to your television, or to other PCs in remote locations which act as clients or “extenders.”

However, PCs have drawbacks as extenders. Even after considerable upgrading, we found they often lack the resources needed to keep up with the demands of being a PVR, and shows would lock up without warning at their most exciting points. Of course, DirecTV’s, and especially Dish Network’s, were prone to these problems as well. If you want to dissuade your children from watching television, perhaps such an arrangement is perfect for you. They will quickly tire of their heroes freezing in mid action. It was clear to us that our disgruntled children were ready to revolt, however. Rather than risk an uprising we invested in Hauppauge MVPs, which are compatible with SageTV’s programs. These handy black boxes take the place of the client PCs. The server PC then stores data, enabling playback and storage of shows. Our halting, apoplectic television watching was at an end. The use of number one low-code platform application through the wavemaker for development of the business will be beneficial. The appliances should be compatible for the growth of the business with safety measures. 

One challenge remained. The first generation of MVPs could not handle high definition television. The server would need to transcode any such transmission, which was technically not feasible. Luckily, in December of 2007, SageTV released a high definition extender: a nondescript black box about half the size of a VCR. The demand for this product was such that they sold out almost immediately. A slight problem with the first generation was that the black casing obscured a direct path to the extender’s infrared sensor. Thus in order to use a remote it needed to pointed with hair-like precision. A new cover plate was all that was necessary to retrofit these extenders. The newest generation, the HD-200, are less than half the size of the older ones. In addition to television, SageTV offers photographs, music, DVD library features.

SageTV does not come without its challenges. Primary among them is that it can become engrossing to the point of obsession. SageTV devotees chat in forums, swapping tips and techniques. They are continuously working to improve the SageTV experience with new plug-ins. Often the term “WAF” is bandied about. This acronym is short for “wife acceptance factor.” Wives often object to their husbands swapping out staid and commonplace DVRs for this new, edgy one. They should well consider the hours their husbands will devote to it before giving the okay. Many become devoted to the “Sage Community” and work hard to overcome problems that their fellow members are experiencing.

There are always ongoing issues under consideration. The parental controls allow for an access code to be required for shows above a certain rating. If a show is unlocked, the system locks back up after that particular show ends. So if you want your child to watch just one episode of Pokemon, and then do their homework, it can easily be arranged. However, it isn’t possible to block shows which aren’t rated at all. In addition, the digital rights management is lacking. However, the continuous improvement that is possible with this format is grounds to believe that such problems can be overcome. No doubt SageTV devotees are even now working on them, as evident by their copious postings.

The Reinvention Of ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Into IMAX 3D: Does It Ruin The Shape Of A Great Work Of Art?


There’s something about certain classic movies that stick in our minds as having a particular aesthetic. “The Wizard of Oz” has the unusual distinction of having a longer line of generations who saw it on TV than those who saw it in theaters. In fact, few still live who can remember seeing the film in a theater during its premiere year.

It’s the generations who grew up watching “The Wizard of Oz” annually on TV that remember it in a specific way not far removed from the original theatrical presentation. Considering the original 4:3 aspect ratio was standard in 1939, seeing it on TV didn’t take away any visual information. That’s a far contrast to those who grew up watching “2001: A Space Odyssey” scrunched onto local TV station screens in the 1970s and 80s, then seeing it later in its 70mm glory in a theater or Blu-ray.

The dividing line between the “Oz” TV generations is in those seeing it all in black and white (during the 1950s and ’60s) with those seeing the color segments intact from the 1970s to 1990s. Additional unique impressions of how the film was assimilated in childhood were created that way. And it might give concern when those aging viewers hear about how Warner Brothers is taking one of their most lucrative film classics to every possible digital frontier.

Mind you, when “Oz” came out on Blu-ray several years ago in a lavish 70th anniversary box set, it looked stunning. However, nobody would have entertained the thought that Warner would have the guts to release it in 3D to keep up with the Real D craze. Even more so, it’s nearly impossible to think a film from 1939 would look good in the IMAX format.

The film will be in IMAX 3D later this year as part of an emerging thought that viewing cherished art through new lenses creates new aesthetic experiences. But is it the equivalent of taking a Van Gogh painting and twisting its shape from what viewers remember? It ultimately depends on whether certain pieces of art shaped our souls or were just passive experiences. You can also play this movie on your device using kodi fire stick addons. Surely, you will enjoy watching this movie in a an amazing media player.

While paintings might be enhanced in 3D or enlarged format, “The Wizard of Oz” shaped generational thinking much more than society realizes. It still conjures certain feelings that kids had in the same way watching the old Peanuts TV specials still do. I’ve argued, though, that when the Peanuts specials moved to ABC in 2000, they lost a little of their aesthetic that was so familiar being on CBS.

Most of us want our childhood experiences to be preserved just as we remember them without nuanced disturbances. All those millions of people who grew up with “The Wizard of Oz” on TV likely include things that were going on in the periphery with their family as part of the remembered experience. Seeing the film in 3D or the enlarged IMAX format might feel more like a nightmare rather than a sense of discovery or fun.

Let’s also remember that film grain from 1939 is nearly impossible to remove digitally. Said grain may be more apparent in 3D as well as IMAX. Regardless, it likely won’t stop some fans from satiating their curiosity.

For others, “The Wizard of Oz” will likely always be a product of TV. There, it can now look pristine in 1080p as one half regret of not having that technology available 40 years ago in our living rooms.

Product Review: Roomba 500 Robotic Vacuuming Unit


In writing this review I must first admit that prior to buying and using a robotic vacuuming system I was very leery of the claims made by its’ manufacturer, iRobot Corporation that this small, self propelled, vacuuming system could provide a combination of powerful suction and brushing in one small mobile unit which could rival that of the most powerful manual vacuum.

My suspicion was based my experience with numerous vacuums I had purchased over the years. This ranged from small lightweight machines to huge, powerful monsters which in an effort to provide the most powerful suction resulted in a machine which weighed almost as much as I do (215 lbs.) and quickly exhausted the user. What is the Best In-Car Vacuum Cleaner for cleaning of the appliances. The efforts of the human will be less while cleaning the surface of the car. 

My previous experience with vacuums included purchases from relatively unknown manufacturers to the most established ones and included Hoover, Eureka, Bissel,Kirby, Electrolux, Shark, Dirt Devil and Orek….and included a wide range of models including canisters, bag and bagless and wind tunnel machines.

Based on that experience I concluded that regardless of claims most vacuums do little to distinguish themselves one from the other. Yes, some offer increased suction and others are bagless, but in general all vacuums apply the required suction and brushing action to pickup lint and small objects and deposit them on a filter for later removal.

And so when I read advertised claims by iRobot that the Roomba 500 offered a powerful vacuuming and brushing system which could automatically detect and adjust to any floor surface and match the cleaning performance of much larger systems I shrugged this off as just one more Madison Avenue promotion. There was, in my mind, no way this little circular dish, 14 inches in diameter, could house the power to propel the unit, drive brushes and power the vacuum necessary to do the job. I was not even convinced this little disc even provided enough room to hold the volume of litter it was designed to remove.

I was wrong. I have found this compact, powerful, little machine to be quite capable of living up to its’ billing and in many respects have found in to match or exceed the capability of its’ more powerful and much larger (and heavier) competitors.

At the urging of my wife we purchased a Roomba with the agreement that if it did not perform up to our (her) cleaning standards we would return it. The store in question agreed to this arrangement.

I was assigned the task of reading the instructions and preparing the Roomba for a test run.I was surprised to find that Roomba included a recorded voice demonstration which made the Roomba set-up quite easy. There was also a voice guided demonstration of Roomba features.

Our initial test in our home subjected the Roomba to a variety of floor surfaces. Our home has wall to wall carpeting in some rooms, bare hardwood floors in others and vinyl in the kitchen and bathrooms. The Roomba was used on all of these surfaces and did in fact travel from other surface to the next without manual intervention or adjustments of any kind with no loss in cleaning efficiency.

Starting the Roomba in our largest carpeted room I watched as the small disc-shaped robot came to life, rotated 360 degrees, as if looking over the task at hand, and then began making successively wider concentric circles as it began vacuuming the room. It was soon obvious from the cleaning tracks left in the carpet that the little machine was applying a powerful brushing and suction action, but as a test I would periodically introduce a foreign object (small piece of thread, lint ball, small piece of newspaper, some bread crumbs, etc.) in its’ path and watched as Roomba passed over and removed them all.

After its’ initial circular path the Roomba was programmed to change over to a completely random path, crossing the room on a diagonal, then on meeting a wall hugging it until on meeting resistance (furniture, another wall, etc.) the machine would rotate and start out on a completely new path. While this sounds a little chaotic the randomness of Roomba’s route proves to very beneficial as in the course of covering an entire room it traverses and recrosses the same area of a room multiple times before it considers the job done.

I was impressed when the Roomba on approaching my planted deposits of pencil shavings (my test) stopped over the center of the shavings and rotated 360 degrees for some 30 seconds until it was sure the spot was clean and then continued on its’ original course.

When using the Roomba in our upstairs bedrooms I considered using one of the included “invisable walls” to prevent the Roomba from running up to and falling down the stairwell. Invisable walls are small portable devices (included with Roomba) which emit a transparent beam which the Roomba is programmed not to cross. These “walls” are used to keep the Roomba out of rooms or other areas which are considered off limits for the Roomba. However, recalling the orientation instructions I decided to test the feature of the Roomba designed to protect itself from falling down stairwells. I watched as the little machine hustled its’ way up the head of the stairwell. It never slowed until the instant the first 1/8 inch of the Roomba crossed the edge of the top step. At this point the Roomba stopped suddenly and completely and rotated 180 degrees and resumed cleaning.

As an aside, the Roomba offers a significant advantage over any conventional vacuum when it comes to vacuuming beneath beds. Here, in the land of “dust bunnies” the little robot excels as it traverses back and forth,stopping frequently to do a 360 rotation as it detects and removes heavier dust accumulations.

After two hours of continuous cleaning I stopped the Roomba and opened its’ dust collection bin. There was a striking assortment of lint, cat hair, small carpet fibers and all of the test objects I had introduced. I was totally impressed with quantity of debris the machine had found and vacuumed in rooms that had never gone more than a week between routine vacuuming. I would estimate that the uncompressed wad of lint and cat hair and other debris measured roughly 36-40 cubic inches. Roomba claims its’ collection filter also screens out invisable dander and allergens.

Emptying the dust bin is easy. One removable section of the Roomba gives access to the dust bin and allows this to be dumped into a trash collector or can. The filter is easily cleaned witha small brush or by blowing away collected lint.

While I have not used this feature the Roomba provides a capability to Prue-schedule cleaning up to seven different cleaning times at which time the Roomba will self start and clean for a programmed cleaning period, after which time it will return to its’ home base for recharging of its’ batteries.

I found only two features of Roomba which I feel could be improved…..I have difficulty effectively deploying the “invisable walls”. I use these to block Roomba from area which I do not want Roomba to enter. These may be rooms which are temporarily limits (such as a room in which I have spread out work papers on the floor) or permanently off limits. I have found that the invisable walls do not cast a definite straight line beam, but rather cast a broad beam which grows in width with distance from its’ origin point. This makes deploying the wall to block a very specific location difficult as the beam width is unknown. As a result one of two situations may occur, either the Roomba penetrates the beam or more likely the Roomba stops far short of the area intentionally blocked and leaves that area un-vacuumed.

The second, although minor problem, involves the Roomba getting stuck underneath a low piece of furniture or bed. This happens rarely, but even when it does the Roomba is programmed to shut down when this occurs rather than run down its’ battery or strain its’ motor.

In summary, the Roomba is a surprisingly effective and powerful tool for vacuuming virtually any floor service. I have compared dust and lint accumulations in the same room over the same period for the Roomba and my traditional stand up vacuum and found the Roomba removes a higher level of debris.

Which Company You Should Use to Help Market Your Direct Selling Company


Many of us run home based businesses, or sell products for numerous companies. One of the biggest keys to growing our business is marketing, getting our name out there so people know what we do. We throw home parties, online parties, pass out fliers and business cards, and do numerous other things. An increasing trend is giving out samples of your product, which has produced two companies that deal specifically in samples. These companies are The Sample Bag and The Sample Gal. First, I’ll review The Sample Bag, then The Sample Gal, and finally do a review of both companies customer service and and ability to make sure your product gets out to those who would use it. The selection of the SEO expert specialist based in San Diego can be made through the business person. The method of direct selling will be beneficial for internet marketing for the business firms. 

The Sample Bag’s strongest point is that it has numerous types of bags. They have holiday themed bags, bags for men and women, decorative bags, bags that you can reuse, product themed bags, and many more. To get your product in The Sample Bag, they have a rather long list of requirements when compared to The Sample Gal. First, you pay a $30 yearly fee that guarantees that they will only have a maximum of 3 consultants from 1 company, and that you will be one of them. You must send in 20 samples every month with a business card attached to every sample. Also, by signing up to get your products in the bags, you also have to agree to be a representative for The Sample Bag. Becoming a representative requires a minimum of $55 in sales every month in order to receive a commission. Your commission is 20% from personal sales, you also receive 20% of personal purchases, as well as 20% off their representative kits. Also, for each representative that signs up under you, you receive $1. (However you do not receive a commission on sales made by that representative.) The Sample Bag offers a sellers only program where you do not have to send in samples. The cost is $15 a year, you must sell at least 22 bags quarterly, and you receive the same commission and discount as a representative. Both of these come with an affiliate website, a yahoo group, toolbar, marketing materials for your own personal sites, as well as several other ways to connect with other representatives or sellers. Also, your personal website and business will receive a spot on their sponsors page.

The Sample Gal is more simple than The Sample Bag, as it only has 2 boxes. Both are for women, one is a simple sample box with 15-20 different samples in it, the other is focused on bath and beauty products. With The Sample Gal, you have two options as well. The first is becoming a sponsor. This is where you simply send in samples of your products to go in one of their sample boxes. They do have a minimum, you must send in at least 20 samples at a time, however there is no deadline. (So you can send in samples once every 3 months if you desire.) Additionally, there is no cost to become a sponsor. The Sample Gal does not guarantee that there will not be more than 3 representatives from the same company, however they will not send 2 samples from the same company in a box. Your samples are put in rotation immediately, and they do require a business card or brochure so that the person receiving the box can contact you if they are interested in your product. You can sign up to be a Sample Gal consultant, which means you would also sell The Sample Gal boxes. The Sample Gal sells their boxes in “campaigns”, or 150 boxes every 2 weeks. Your options to sell the boxes are very flexible. You can sell them your own personal website, online parties, Ebay, home parties, or even fliers. They have two different consultant levels. As a sample consultant you earn 10% commission on your own personal sales, a free website, and your commission is paid via paypal. The cost to become a sample consultant is $10, and you have no monthly minimums. The sample consultant receives a sample promo kit that includes 1 flyer, 1 thank you card, and 1 post card. If you’re more serious, you can choose to be a basic consultant, which costs $25. This also comes with a free website, your commission is paid via paypal, but you receive a 25% commission on your own personal sales as well as a 10% commission on your team’s sales and purchases (those you enroll). The promo kit for a basic consultant includes 2 flyers, 10 non-custom business cards, 1 thank you card, and 1 post card.

I also decided to test each companies products. On July 22nd I ordered both a Sample Bag and Sample Gal box. The cost of the Sample Gal box was $15 including shipping, the cost of the Sample Bag was $20.99. I received my Sample Gal box within 5 days of ordering it. I was contacted by the company to make sure I received my box and was happy with my purchase within 1 week of receiving the box. The box was full of numerous useful things, ranging from soap and skin care products, to cat nip and hair ties. I have yet to actually receive my Sample Bag. Unfortunately, their customer service has been very poor. I sent an e-mail inquiring about my Sample Bag on August 20th, the reply was very unprofessional. I then asked for my order to be canceled and for a refund of my money, which I received no response too. I am now being forced to dispute the charge on my credit card because I have received no contact from the company in regards to my order or canceling it (despite another attempt at trying to get information on the order and if it had been canceled). The website says that the bag may take up to 3 weeks to receive due to the popularity of the product. However, I found out that it’s because the person in charge of sending out the original Sample Bag’s is simply not sending them out. The company contacted me asking how I enjoyed my order a little over 3 weeks after it shipped, which I replied to and let them know I had never received it. I did not receive a response which led to further e-mails through their contact e-mail. So, as for overall service, I will have to give The Sample Bag a very poor rating, while The Sample Gal was excellent!

In conclusion, after looking at each companies business model, your ability to get your product out with each company, and how quick they are with getting your product out I believe that your best option would be The Sample Gal. They are fast, reliable, less expensive, require no yearly cost to send in samples, as well as no monthly minimums, and their customer service was fantastic. SEO expert specialist based in San Diego r

DIY Princess Bed Headboard And Footboard Project


This princess bed headboard and footboard project is a fun and easy way to make a sweet bed for your daughter. I call this a princess bed because it reminds of the exaggerated and sweet head and footboards found in Disney books, on cartoons with princess, and even in fairy tale drawings.

To make this simple princess headboard and footboard you will need to use a jig saw. Do these cuts alone, but your daughter can help you paint when any cutting is complete.

To Make a Princess Headboard and Footboard You Will Need:

  • Plywood
  • Jigsaw
  • String
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Sand Paper
  • Drill
  • Metal Bed Frame

To get started you want to measure how wide your bed is. In most cases this will be made for a twin bed, which is a great size for kids.

Now, you need two pieces of plywood , one for the headboard and one for the foot board.

Cut the headboard down to 4 feet tall and the foot board to 3 feet tall. This is a dramatic look, so they are a little tall, you of course can make them the height you wish.

Now, lay each piece of the princess bed flat on the floor. Cut a piece of twine that is half the height of the board. Pin it to the middle of the board. Te a pencil to the end. Use this to draw a half circle on the top of the board. Repeat on the foot board.

Now, take your yard stick. Measure out 6 inches from the left edge. Draw this vertical line. Repeat on the right side.

Now, cut out the lines using a jig saw. You will even dup with 2 faux pasts and a rounded top in the middle.

Repeat this process on the princess bed foot board.

Now, sand all cut edges. This is a step that needs to be completed so there are no splinters.

Now, prime out the whole headboard. Once the primer is dry you want to paint it out. I recommend a semi gloss paint or even a milk paint in a fun girly color.

Once the paint dries on the princess bed out can glue on some flat backed jewels to the headboard and foot board. Try to glue them on in a pattern that follows the arch in the middle of the headboard. This is a great way to add more color and some sparkle.

This princess bed also reminds me of a Goldilocks bed as well! You can simple screw the headboard and the footboard to your existing bed frame using the holes already into the metal frame!

The headboard can be screwed to the wall if needed. For you to be successful in this project, you need to use the right tools and equipment. To help you out, you can visit This website will provide you with the right equipment so the work will be easier.

Las Vegas Nightclubs – Risque and Tabu


Risqué at Paris Risqué is a club that doesn’t really live up its name and is located inside Paris; it is one of the original nightclubs on the Vegas strips. You actually wait in line on the first floor and then user up the stairs to the second floor when it’s your turn to actually go in which is nice since your not crowded with a bunch of random people pushing to get in. The nightclub hosts mostly an older crowd of people but if you end up going later in the night the younger the crowd seems to get but no matter what you’ll end up with a good mix of people. If you are 20 something year old I suggest getting there after midnight since by then most of the older patrons have cleared out but it really depends on the night.


There are a couple of bars in the Toronto clubs and getting to them never causes any injury and just about effortless which you can’t say for many of the other nightclubs on the strip. The unique aspect of this club is the fact that they have unique themed that change every night of the week, so you always get a different experience every time you go. There are two different rooms at Risqué, one room that is sultry and sexy and another that is more of the general party area. The nightclub also features a bunch of private patio areas which are located in the front of the club and you are able to take in the fountain show and the Bellagio with a great view as well as the Paris fountains. The nightclub a dance floor and since it’s not overly crowded you have room to dance with some pretty good music. The bar is not bad and the night I went they only had one drink special and that was a buttery nipple (completely gross) for around $6 not including tip and the other drinks were within range of the other nightclubs I had been too. This isn’t a place that you would spent the whole night at and most likely use it as a pit stop on the way to bigger and better clubs.

Tabu at the MGM Grand Tabu located at the MGM Grand is not really so much a nightclub as it is a “ultralounge” as they are called in Vegas. Tabu is a small small lounge/club area, whatever you actually want to call it, and it is very intimate. There is no actual dance floor or actual designated space to do anything really so you randomly sit/stand/dance wherever you feel comfortable. Most of the space at Tabu is taken up by the VIP table service area which I have yet to ever see anyone at, so really you see a bunch of empty couches and tables taking up most of the area and then a crowd of people packed like sardines because there is no room to move around because of said VIP area. What a waste of space. The music here changes nightly but mostly a Top 40/pop/house kind of a club with a pretty good DJ on some nights. The bartenders are the only thing actually worth going to this club for, they do great work and they should since a simple shot costs around $13. (I suggest a Jolly Rancher, strong but very good.) I’m not sure why this is called an “ultra” lounge but I would make us of my time at some of the other places on the strip.

Gift Tins: Canvas for Magnetic Paintings


During the holidays, metal or tin gift boxes and containers seems to explode into popularity. They are filled with all kinds of goodies from popcorn, candies, cookies, tea and coffee. Many of the emptied tin gift boxes and containers may wound up in the trash while others are saved for their themes and usage. The tin gift boxes and containers, however, have a playful and creative side. They can provide hours of mesmerizing doodles without the use of a pen or paint. If they are thrown away their playful and creative side will sit submerged underneath a pile of rubbish. For proper information, the selection of the informative post can be done at Painting Kits. Different and attractive doodles can be prepared through the person with the paint brushes. 

Magnets are involved to fully develop the unseen side of a tin. The goal is to have an end result, which will let you stick magnets to the tin. In this way, you can dress up the tin with magnets to create new and ever-changing themes to match the motif of the tin or to create your own. It’s great for play, developing imagination and learning a sense of artwork.

Naturally, magnets won’t stick to tin or perhaps to the metals that the gift boxes and containers are made with. At least that may be the case with some of the gift tins. To test if magnets will stick to your gift tin simply stick a magnet to the tin. If the magnet sticks, you won’t have to do anything else. You now have a canvas that you can stick magnets to in order to create fun themes and designs much like changing the outfits and accessories of a paper doll. If the test magnet will not stick, you may be able to adapt the gift tin. In order to change this, you will have to change the inside of the tins. If you hold a magnet underneath a piece of paper and then hold a magnet over the top of the paper within range of the magnet underneath, the two magnets should attract and connect. This is basically what will have to happen to the tin. There will have to be magnets on the inside of the tin to connect with magnets from the outside.

Magnetic rolls or sheets can be spread over the inside of the tin. has magnetic sheets or rolls that may work well with a tin. The magnetized side should be facing the outside and not the inside so that the magnets may connect. Since the product is in sheet or roll form, you may not have to do anything but cut it to fit the inside of the tin that is if it will stay in place on its own. Otherwise, you may have to fit it to the inside of the tin and glue the ends to hold it in place.

If the metal or tin box and container is like aluminum cans, the magnets should stick. If not the magnetic rolls or sheets can be used for other crafting projects. Hopefully, though, the tin will be like a refrigerator canvas; a canvas that will let you explore your creative side.

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