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How I (May Have) Bought a Dog from a Puppy Mill


All the pets in our household, even those from my childhood, had come from the shelter until, as an “empty nester,” I became obsessed with the idea of adopting a Shih tzu. Actually, my obsession didn’t start as a desire for a specific breed. I wanted a small, quiet dog who didn’t shed, didn’t need a huge backyard, and would be easy to travel with and one that I could bond deeply with. The Shih tzu breed fit all of my needs and when I saw how completely adorable they were, well, I was sold. Literally. I had never owned a pure bred dog before and though I had no interest in breeding, it became my mission to have a pure Shih tzu.

Months after finding my perfect little canine companion I began to worry that I might have purchased him from a puppy mill. My dog was clean and healthy and came with papers that I assumed were AKC papers, but on closer inspection were not. Other small details began to nag at me and the more I learned about how puppy mills operated the more suspicious I became. I was completely inexperienced in the world of pure breeds, and I let my obsession lead me blindly into making an emotional decision without asking the important questions.

I cherished my furry guy and was thankful for him, but I felt terribly guilty to think I may have supported one of those horrific places with my money. At the time there wasn’t yet that much information about puppy mills, but that was no excuse. I should have done more research about locating and buying a pure breed dog and I didn’t. Different breeds information are available at online sites, check it out to gather knowledge about the shelter and food of the breed. The buying of the pure meal will keep the dog healthy and fit for long period. 

Today I’m still not certain if my dog was born in a puppy mill, but I know that it’s a mistake I’ll never make again. If you’re looking for your first pure-bred dog and are not sure how to avoid making a puppy mill purchase, take a look at the following guidelines before you fall in love with that adorable face:

  • See the puppy’s home and meet his mother. Reputable breeders encourage home visits. Often both parents will be on site for you to meet.   
  • Ask the breeder for references and call them. Ask if the puppies they purchased had any health problems and if the adoption process went smoothly. 
  • If you can’t visit the kennel, find out how many different types of dogs the organization breeds and how many litters they care for at once. An operation that deals with many different breeds and many litters at a time may not be giving all of their dogs proper care and attention. 
  • Get a written health guarantee. A verbal agreement is useless no matter how reputable you think a breeder is. A guarantee with a minimum of 10 days to cover contagious or hereditary illnesses is standard.
  • Ask to see proof that the breeder is USDA certified. A USDA seal is not a foolproof guarantee that a breeding facility does not violate the Animal Welfare Act, but it is one more step the consumer can take to avoid doing business with a disreputable breeder.

Pure-bred dogs are costly, and it’s tempting to do business with the breeder that charges the least amount of money for the puppy of your dreams. But dogs bred in puppy mills are often sickly and suffer from hereditary diseases due to poor breeding practices. If that low-cost puppy comes from a mill there’s a good chance that you will incur veterinarian bills that far exceed any savings you enjoyed. Of course, as an animal lover your expenses are secondary to the abusive conditions and neglect dogs suffer in a breeding mill.

If you suspect you’ve encountered a puppy mill, contact your local shelter or SPCA. By putting a puppy mill out of business you’ll be rescuing dozens,maybe hundreds, of innocent lives.

Careers In Medicine: Medical Records And Health Information Technician! Check This Out


There are dozens of jobs that come under the general heading of medical records and health information technician. Some examples include medical billing specialist, medical insurance coder, medical records manager, and public health registrar.

What these jobs have in common is that they are clerical, office positions in the medical field that require little to no direct contact with patients. They involve compiling, processing and maintaining patient records, nowadays generally in digital form, so as to facilitate the smooth functioning of the health care system.

Nature of the Work

A medical records and health information technician generally works in a conventional office setting, spending most of the day at a desk working on a computer. It is most common to work standard business hours, but in a setting such as a hospital that operates 24 hours there will be a small number of jobs that fall under the broad heading of medical records and health information technician that require working other shifts at any time around the clock.

Everything involving patient care generates records and paperwork, from the physician’s notes, to the forms filled out by the patient, to communication with the insurance company, to results of X ray and laboratory tests, and more. Medical records and health information technician workers in one way or another compile, organize, store, and communicate all this information, so that people dispensing medication know what to give, insurance companies know whether what’s being done is covered under the patient’s policy, the hospital knows whom to bill and how much, etc. The better these jobs are done, the less likelihood there is of error that can jeopardize a patient’s wellbeing, or lead to financial confusion and conflict.

Workers in these jobs should be proficient in English, and comfortable with computers and other office technology. An attention to detail is necessary. Depending on the specific job it may be necessary to have knowledge of the health insurance system and procedures, and/or of legal and ethical matters relevant to the practice of medicine.

Education and Training

Because medical records and health information technician jobs vary significantly, different levels of education are necessary for different jobs. For most positions, at least an Associate’s degree is needed, with a Bachelor’s degree preferred. But certainly it is possible to work in the field with only a high school diploma.

Relevant coursework would be in such areas as anatomy and physiology, biology, medical terminology, medical classification and coding systems, data analysis, and health care reimbursement methods.

In addition, most jobs require some form of certification, which generally means passing an examination, and then receiving continuing education and being regularly retested and recertified. The American Health Information Management Association, for example, offers a Registered Health Information Technician credential. There are also credentials available from other bodies including the American Academy of Professional Coders, the Board of Medical Specialty Coding, the Professional Association of Health Care Coding Specialists, and the National Cancer Registrars Association.

Experience with other jobs in a health care setting can make one a more attractive job candidate.


Medical records and health information technician jobs are generally not high paying, as white collar jobs go that comes under the policies provider for podiatry modifiers changed and know has more requirements that a person has to go through during the time of applications and interview.

Typical is anywhere from about $24,000 to about $40,000 annually, with the highest positions requiring the most education and experience paying perhaps $50,000-$55,000.

Career Prospects

Medical records and health information technician jobs are growing a bit faster than the average job, with the government estimating about 20% more such jobs in the next decade. The unemployment rate for people working or seeking work in this field is only about 3%.

Best Car Loan Terms – Negotiate and Save


When shopping for a car at dealerships people need to be careful about the purchasing process to make sure that the best deal is obtained. Car salesmen are in the business of selling vehicles in order to make money and they do that by getting buyers to pay the highest possible rate for the car they want. In order to purchase a vehicle and get a great loan agreement, you have to take the right steps.

First shop around. Don’t get your heart set on one particular car if you want the best terms. There are many dealerships around with similar cars that can be purchased with better loan conditions and for a lower price. Know what the prices are at other car dealerships. If you can show a salesman that the same vehicle is for sale for less money at another dealership then they will probably match or beat that price. Also, be sure to know what the book value is for what you are trying to buy. Don’t listen to garbage about how blue book value isn’t accurate or that they base their trade-in offer on what price they can get your car for at an auction. Be firm in the price that is expected for the trade-in value and leaves if it is unacceptable. Although, a Wells Fargo Personal Loan is a great way to consolidate high-interest rate balances that you can go for. You can use this personal loan to pay for your dream car without paying too much interest rates.

Once the cost has been negotiated on the vehicle of choice then begin the search for the best loan terms possible. Car loans can be obtained from the place of purchase from private lenders like banks and credit unions. Sometimes the dealer has the best interest rates and loan terms because they have a high volume of inventory that goes through the lender so the lender offers them great deals on loans for their customers.

Also, check credit unions and banks for the best loan terms. Look on the internet and see if other lenders are interested in your loan. Once all of the offers are in, compare them and choose the best one. Tell the salesmen that you are comparing the best loan terms and they may be able to put a better deal on the table. Often, dealers get kickbacks from the loan companies which makes it worth it to them to keep your loan in house and give the best terms.

Be ready to walk away. If you do not get the price on the car or the loan terms desired then walking away may be the best option. There are always other cars out there that can be bought for a better deal. Many times the salesperson will even chase after customers once they realize that they are really leaving and then a lower price or better loan terms may be offered so that the deal does not fall through.

Health Insurance Companies and the Cost of Healthcare


About a year ago, my doctor and I discussed a surgical procedure that would alleviate some issues I have had over the past couple of years. Our discussion did not center on my well being as a patient, although that was the ultimate goal. Rather, it revolved around the cost associated with the surgery and whether or not health insurance would cover it. Unfortunately, this was not my first conversation with a health care provider regarding health insurance and probably won’t be my last. I have gone from having no health insurance coverage, while in college, to having a major HMO plan when I worked for a large corporation, to being covered, sporadically, while being self-employed. Moreover, medical insurance has become a necessity these days. You should also know how mental health problems can affect insurance cover which is why keeping yourself mentally and physically healthy is really important. 

After being married a few years, my husband and I learned the difference between insurance paid health costs and those costs paid, out-of-pocket. This happened when my doctor confirmed we would be having our first child. We were very excited even as we were directed to the doctor’s billing office to arrange payment. We were asked if we had health insurance. We did, indeed, have health insurance, but had learned that it did not cover maternity costs. We were told our cost to the doctor, especially if paid up-front, would be much less than if our insurance had covered it anyway. What we learned was that doctors and hospitals charge a much higher rate for those covered by insurance due to the extra costs they incur in having to deal with health insurance companies in the first place! We were shocked by this but were glad that our payment made that day was lower than it would have been had we actually had coverage. About a week later, we visited the hospital for a tour of the maternity unit and paid them for their upcoming services too.

Approximately eight months later, our baby girl was born via emergency surgery. After returning home, I received a bill from the hospital for around ten thousand dollars. I also got an extra bill from my doctor as well. I was devastated. We had just brought home our newborn baby and what should have been a joyous time, became a very stressful one. However, we quickly paid the doctor for his additional services and I began making monthly payments to the hospital. I was told that since emergency surgery was performed, that our insurance may end up paying part of the bill. I contacted our insurance company and they said, no.

Six busy months with our daughter had quickly passed when I got a call from the hospital. The lady on the other end of the phone said, “I see you have been making payments to us for a while.” Then she laughed and said, “With the rate, you’re going, this bill will take forever to pay off! We were mistaken in billing you as much as we did. You really only owe fifteen hundred dollars. Would you like to put that on a credit card?” She went on to tell me that they had inadvertently billed me the hospital’s “insurance rate”. I was relieved that I didn’t owe the larger amount, but it made me realize just how much the cost of healthcare was inflated due to the involvement of health insurance companies.

Being self-employed now, we have tried individual health insurance plans and they simply do not work. What I have found is, the monthly premiums start out at a somewhat reasonable rate, but they eventually increase dramatically in price after about a year. When we try to use the coverage for nothing more than a doctor’s visit, we are billed the insurance rate. That rate can result in much more money owed than if we had simply paid out-of-pocket in the first place. My experience with health insurance companies is that they have added a tremendous amount of cost and complexity to something very personal. When a doctor and their patient have to be concerned with the price of a procedure, rather than the well-being of the patient, it’s evident that the insurance companies have taken the care out of healthcare.

An Under-Floor Heater Can Give You Warm Floors In The Winter


Being the youngest brother, my first assignment every morning in the winter was to light all the gas fired radiators in our home. That meant cold rooms, cold floors and cold hands as I hopped about trying to get it over with so I could get to the kitchen stove and light the stove top burners for some warmth. It was not fun and I would have rejoiced if there had been an alternative, any alternative. Now there are several options, but one of them has several advantages. This option is electrical under-floor heating.

A quick comparison of electrical under-floor heating with other common systems is well worth the time and effort.

The widespread use of forced air heating has many people believing that this method is the best choice for heating a home or business space. However, other options are available and one of the very best is underfloor heating powered by electricity. These underfloor systems have enough variety to fit almost any space and can be used in existing homes as well as new homes.

There are older homes which still have a radiator system and they are prime targets for the under-floor heating advance. Think how much better it would be to stop waiting for the radiators to heat the air and just step our of bed onto a warm and toasty floor with the air already warmed!

Heating the air in a home can be a continuous process, depending on how much or how little insulation there is in the building. Under floor heating doesn’t require as much steady heating because it replaces one of the cold, often uninsulated spot, the floor.

The room does require good ventilation to make the atmosphere nice otherwise there is going to be a suffocating feeling and insulation does play a major role in it. It is not something like heating oil services in New Jersey but only a significant quantity that is needed at home.

An under-floor installation is usually a series of mats which have copper wires placed in the mat. These mats can be shaped to fit almost any room and will assure there few, if any, cold spots. In fact, the mats are easy enough to install that do-it-your-self people have put them down on their own. Using insulation boards in conjunction with the mats provides a stable and low energy cost warming setup.

Some significant advantages come with an electrical under-floor heating system. For example, the system is invisible meaning that no special decorations are necessary to “hide” anything.

One of the most important good aspects of under-floor heating is a savings of 10% to 15% in electrical costs.

Dust and other undesirable particles are not scattered about the rooms as in forced air heating. A steady warm flow of air rises uniformly across the heated area keeping “breezy” areas from being created.

And electrical under-floor heating is fast. The warmth of a room increases more rapidly than with other systems. Moreover, the room temperature tends to be more stable since all areas are heated at the same time.

If you are renovating, or building anew, the investigation of electrical under-floor heating along with insulated boards is a wise thing to include in your plans. It saves money, stops dirt transfer by forced air, is quick to provide warmth, fits almost any room and does not require special decorations or have a need for vents. A worthy and warm system.

5 Best Impact Drivers To Check Out This Year


Impact drivers are a nifty tool when you need to drive in long and large screws into tough wooden surfaces. From building decks to fixing tile backing board, impact drivers are great for a lot of woodworking activities. Are you on the hunt of a credible impact driver? Now, the current market is flooded with a wealth of impact drivers but then not all would be equally fantastic for you. Buying an impact driver is a considerable investment and you have to be extremely careful while choosing the tool. However, the good part is, the post below shares a brief on some of the best impact drivers you will find in the market today.

Milwaukee M12

You have a solid 12V driver here which can work with all kinds of screws and even 3/8” x 3” lag bolts. Thanks to its compact design, this makes an ideal tool when you need to work in constricted places. It comes with brushless motor and in-built LED light that helps you when you have to work in dark. Users are fond of its convenient speed-mode selector that enables you to choose from 3 modes. The M12 is widely used by contractors and can sustain daily use. The tool comes with 5-year limited warranty on driver as well as 2 years of free service for battery.

Black+Decker 20V

If you need a powerful driver on budget, swear by Black+Decker. This powerful 20V tool can be used for almost all kinds of screws ranging from deck screws, cabinet screws to 4.5” lag bolts. However, this is not the tool for professional use. If you need an economical and standard impact driver for your occasional handyman jobs, this would be a great option for you. Black+Decker impact driver comes with 2 years of limited warranty.

DeWalt 20V

The advanced DeWalt certainly bags a good place in the list of top 10 best impact drivers you will find today. Equipped with 20V power, 1,825”-lbs torque as well as huge 4.0 Ah (2) batteries, this one is one of the best professional-quality impact drivers. The driver offers you to choose from 3 power settings and its easy mechanical switch makes the whole process a breeze. DeWalt 20V comes with a reliable one-handed chuck while its 3 LED lights assure a properly illuminated working space for more efficient operation. If you are on budget, you can also buy the model with 2.0 batteries. The driver carries 3 years of limited warranty, 1 year of free service as well as 3 years of free service for the battery.

Bosch 12V

Are you looking for a credible impact driver for delicate woodworking jobs? Well, in that case, you can count on Bosch 12V driver eyes closed. It comes with low-speed torque which makes it a perfect for delicate projects. But then, while tested the Bosch  tool produced great results on larger and larger screws too such as 3/8” lag bolts. However, yes, the driver is slightly slower I operation compared to other high end models but then it can do your job pretty well. In fact, as per Bosch claims, this 12V model is capable of doing around 85% driving jobs in professional sites. So, even if you don’t want it as your main driver, you can have it as your backup driving tool in your workshop. It comes with 1 year limited warranty.

Ridgid 18V

This StealthForce 18V Pulse Driver stands out with its oil-pulse technology which lessens metal-on-metal contact. It consequently makes the driver way quieter  compared to conventional  counterparts. Besides, its sustained pulses make fastening quicker and that too with fewer RPMs and less torque. There is a simple easy 3-position mechanical switch which allows convenient switching in between speed settings. Mention must be made of 3 vibrant LEDs as well which do a lot to keep your working area i8lluminated for safe and easy operation. Ridgid 18V carries the very feel and heft of a good contractor-standard tool  and can drive large fasteners sans slowing down. It can also work with little self-tapping screws. It comes with Lifetime Service warranty.

So, you have quite a versatile list here. Choose a one according to your budget and project requirements.

Where to Find the Best Gardens in the Shreveport Area


When you plan a trip to Shreveport, most likely you are coming for one of two things. Well, maybe both (who knows) and we are talking about the casinos and crawfish. However, there is more here then you may expect.

There is our new convention center and Bossier City Boardwalk. We have more then just all of the nightlife excitement and good Cajun food. How about a peaceful stroll around Shreveport’s American Rose Center or a nice trot through a 585 acre park?

To celebrate America’s national flower, Shreveport, Louisiana brings us one of the most beautiful display of roses in the nation. There are several annual events, especially around Easter. April 1 is when the garden opens for the spring. To celebrate Christmas and the beautiful display of lights, the American Rose Garden opens on November 27.

Throughout the year, there are many things that the garden celebrates. April 4-5, is the Easter egg hunt and festivities. There is a Mother’s Day banquet in May. Then a Father’s Day banquet in June, as well. In the fall, there is a Harvest Moon stroll. Of course the garden stays open to celebrate Christmas with a beautiful display of lights. You can smell apple cider in the air as well as funnel cakes.

It’s an enjoyable place for the entire family. To become a member, you get many benefits. Memberships range from $49 to $140. Not to mention, you are also supporting the park, as well. For details about the garden, please visit the site by clicking on the link in the resource box.

The Barnwell Memorial Garden and Art Center is another great place to learn about more then flowers.There is a conservatory where you will learn about many exotic plants. There is a patio, as well as a gallery where you can host an event, like a reunion or wedding. The fountains and view of the river are absolutely beautiful.

Only flowers and plants? Actually no! There is more here then that. How about a breath taking art gallery that is full of great works by many well known artists. There are also classes and workshops for many forms of arts. There is an Iris Annual Convention that is coming up April 25 and is free for everyone. That sounds like a nice and peaceful outing for the family. If this place sounds interesting to you, check them out at the link in the resource box.

Another wonderful place to take the family while in the Shreveport area, is the C. Bickham Dickson park. This huge park is about 585 acres with a beautiful 200 area lake. The family can enjoy a day of fishing or horseback riding. There is also a playground as well as a hay rides. This sounds like a lot of family fun. At the largest park in Shreveport, you may want to sit and admire the scenery while enjoying a nice picnic.

You will also find that the park is home to the Red River Education and Research department. There is always some sort of research going on there. For instance, currently they are researching the water quality. For full details on the park, you may visit the link to the right, in the resource box.

Becoming a member helps the organizations in keeping the gardens nice and goes for research and education of flowers, plants, art and the ecosystem. Not to mention, they are a place where you can take the family for not only fun and excitement, but education as well.

Vintage Game Board Tray Project


This is a fun craft project that you can use to add to the vintage décor in your home. It is perfect for hosting a poker night or even a little friendly game of rummy. Use the game board tray to carry cocktails on and you will really set a fun and festive game night mood. This entire vintage game board tray craft project should cost you less than $25. You can probably make the entire project in one day. Just a lot some time for the paint to dry.

To Make a Vintage Game board Tray Craft Project You Will Need:

Sheet of Plywood (Cut To You Game’s Size and Shape)
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Painters Tape
2 Drawer Pulls
Screw Driver
Sand Paper
Wood Stain
Rubber picture stoppers
Black Paint pen or White Paint pen

To start you have to decide what kind of vintage game board you want to copy. Chinese checker, backgammon, checkers, Candy Land, Monopoly, or what ever you want it fine. I made mine to look like a Chinese checkerboard.

Cut your tray to size. You can have the home improvement store make the cuts for you of you do not own a saw.

Sand the rough edges of the game board tray. Then apply a coat of primer.

Once the coat of primer has dried you can paint your game onto the board. I recommend stepping back and looking at your vintage game and seeing what is the main color of your inspiration game board. Paint your entire wooden tray that color. Once this paint has dried you can start drawing off other shapes or taping them off.

Games like backgammon and monopoly work great because they have so many straight lines.

Once the initial colors have been applied and are dry use a black or white paint pen to outline and add words and other details.

To age your vintage game board lightly rubs it with a fine grit sand paper. Use wood gel stain to rub into the board and make it darken and appear older.

Allow all paint to dry and then paint and entire clear coat of polyurethane on your game aboard. This will protect it form condensation and other water.

You can also use a tinted wood was to get the same effect as the stain, but do not paint the vintage game board tray with polyurethane. It will not stick to the wax.

Now, apply the handles. I like the measure out where the holes need to be, put a small dot with a pencil and then predrilled the hole with the drill. This will keep you board for splitting when you put the screws into it.

You can find great vintage looking cabinet hardware at almost any home improvement store. Pottery Barn, restoration hardware, Target, and even Wal-Mart all have great old looking hardware. You could also use stainless steel pulls for a modern and clean touch to you old game board tray craft project.

Finally, apply some rubber picture frame stoppers to the bottom of your game board. Put one in each corner. These usually are self-adhesive, so they just stick right onto the bottom of the game board tray.

If you want to add a little more protection to the game board you could have a piece of plexi glass cut to the same size as your tray. Drill holes where the handle goes. Lay the plexi glass on your tray then apply the handles a normal.

You can make this craft project out of a real vintage game board if you what to. Just add the plexi glass to protect the surface and screw on some handles.

Things to Keep Away from the Bathtub when Young Kids Bathe


I don’t think anything of it when the kids want to take a bath, I usually just show them the hot and cold faucets in the tub and let them know where the soap, shampoo and conditioner is and lay out a few fresh towels and let them splash around in the tub with reckless abandon. However, the younger kids have taught me a thing or two about what to put out of reach when you’ve got kids in the tub, and what to put out for them instead. 

Unless you want a 6 year old shaving their legs with your razor, it’s best to put that sucker away when they’re bathing. Also, remove the bar of soap so they don’t slip on it or pop it out of their fingers so it lands in the toilet. Instead, supply an anti-bacterial pumping hand soap for them to bathe with to avoid bathroom mishaps.

Take away the nice shampoo and conditioner YOU use, unless you don’t mind your expensive products being poured all over in the water so the kids can have a bubble fest after they get bored washing their hair. Supply a cheaper product (like VO5) or a kid’s shampoo and conditioner that you don’t mind them dumping out all over so you don’t have to replace your $40 bottle of shampoo after a half hour adventure in the tubby.

Supply water bath toys so the kids can have fun in the tub. I have little rubber ducks that the kids can play with, and grape bubble bath that keeps them from whining in the tub. I also take out my body wash, nice wash cloths (I replace them with older wash cloths) and put away my blow dryer and straightener so the kiddies don’t get any ideas about trying to blow dry their own hair when they finally do pop out of the tub. It also keeps them from getting water all over my plug in accessories.

Hide the body lotion. Trust me. It WILL end up everywhere. Keep hair gels, hair sprays, and perfumes out of sight as well, and for that matter, any feminine hygiene products unless you don’t mind seeing your tampons ballooned out in the sink like big white fish.

Check on the kids often to make sure they’re not up to mischief. If you hear thumping around in there you better check it out. I caught the 6 year old bathing the cat in the water once, towels scattered all over the place to dry the sprawling, freaking out cat with. There was a towel in the toilet as well that got dropped in there when she was reaching the towel rack and dumped all the towels over.

Basically, my new rule of thumb in the bathroom is to clear it out just like I do when I bathe my dog. Anything I don’t want drenched, knocked over, dumped out, or ruined I put away before the kids hit the tub. The essentials I provide for them now (after trial and error) is a single towel, a cup for rinsing and playing, bath toys, a pump soap, a bottle of 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, and an old wash cloth. I clear the counter space of anything that will draw interest and knock on the door every 5 minutes to check up on the adventurous bather. Putting up the toilet paper is a great idea as well if you don’t want a new sopping roll hanging off the holder. The less you have out on display in the bathroom when you have younguns bathing in there, the better off everyone will be.

The Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shaver – Review


Have you been thinking about what to get your father, husband, or even brother for their birthday and have been pondering the thought of maybe getting one of those new Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shavers? If you have you might want to read this review to help make your decision on whether or not to buy the Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shaver.

The Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shaver comes with a safe three stage cutting system with one fixed head to help you get a close comfortable shave while shaving either with water or without. It also has a pop up trimmer for trimming or shaving your mustache, goatee, beard, or side burns. The Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shaver also comes with a rechargeable battery, a recharge electrical cord that plugs into an electrical outlet so you can recharge your electrical shaver, and a small black carrying case just incase you travel and need something to place your electrical shaver in.

Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shaver also allow you to shave dry or with shaving cream and water, but the choice is fully yours. However the males in my family still use shaving cream and water while shaving so they get that soft scruff free skin and they usually stick use their aftershave so their face wont feel dry and itchy. I guess when you shave dry it cause your face to be itchy and sometimes even peel after, so I would recommend to any of you who buy the Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shaver to use the shaver with a good brand name of shaving cream and some nice warm water.

The Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shaver is apparently easy to use with its on and off buttons that go up and down, and it becomes cordless when you don’t feel like having the cord attached when you shave. The battery in the electrical wet and dry shaver usually last around a half and hour and can be recharged in five minutes if you need to use it right away and the battery dies on you while shaving. However before the shaver dies it usually will alert you buy making a beeping noise and flashing a little red light that is built into it.

You can purchase the Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shaver at Wal-Mart, Target, Wal-Greens, Rite Aid, Best Buys, and Sears. The Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shaver usually cost in between thirty to seventy dollars depending on where you buy and what sales are going on in the store you purchase the shaver at. However you can find the Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shaver at a discounted price online at and the Ebay Store. However you may need the model number to get the exact electric wet and dry shaver that I am telling you about when you go and purchase it online or at a store and the model number is 4775.

I hope after you have just read the review on the Braun SmartControl3 Wet and Dry Shaver you have a better idea on how it works and whether or not to buy it for your loved one or not. I know when I bought it for my loved one they simply loved it. If you would like to read more about the Braun Smart Control Wet and Dry Shaver all you have to do is go to one of the links I have attached to my review and it will provide you will some more extra helpful information on this product.

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