Looking For The Ways To Make Your Instagram Stories Secure? – Have A Look At This!!


Do you want to make your Instagram stories secure? It is the most important thing that you need to do s that you can know you are safe while using social media. When you have a public account, it is more important to take these things into consideration. Instagram stories are the best way through which you can have fun and show your engagement with people. You can engage more and more people and add photos, videos, add a song that you love, ask questions there, and even do the personal polls.

While performing all these things, it is a must for you to think about the safety of your stories so that you will know who exactly is watching your story and who are sharing them. It is best because, through that, you can know the strangers watching your video and then spam them if you want. Also, it is important to secure the story because there are many instagram story download apps that may download your story without your permission. If you are getting these kinds of problems, you can get the solution; you should check this out and learn some ways to secure that.

Ways to secure story

Here are some of the ways through which you can make your story secure, and you will not face any kind of problem with that. Some of the ways that you can experience are mentioned in the following points-

Set up a list of close friends

One of the best ways through which you can make your account secure is by allowing only some people to see your story. You can make a list of close friends, and there you can choose only some people who can see your stories in this way, you will be secure from the other people who are stranger to you and if you want to post something personal you can share it with those people only.

Hide people to view your story

The next thing you can consider to secure your story or Instagram profile is hiding your story from specific people. It means if you do not want any person to see your story or you do not feel good if they watch your story, then you can hide them from there. There are many other ways, such as hiding the story, removing followers, and even blocking, which you can consider if you want to make your profile secure.

Adjust your reaction and replies setting

Another way that you can consider is to adjust your reaction and replies to the story. People can even send you replies and reactions when they see the story. If you want, you can remove that option and upload the picture just as you want to. If you want, you can choose between the both like; if you want a reaction, you can set that, or if you want to choose the reply option, you can set that.

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