Great Stocking Stuffer Gifts For Men


Every grown man is a kid at heart. So, nothing is more disappointing than a stocking stuffed with practical gifts like socks and underwear for Christmas. Many families provide a stocking for every family member at Christmas time. It would be a really exciting tradition if the stocking wasn’t stuffed with nose hair trimmers, toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, socks, a shoe shine kit, soap, and deodorant. If it’s the thought that counts, someone thinks you look like a bum, smell bad, have bad breath, and need to shine your shoes. There must be better stocking stuffer gifts for men! Here are six ideas for stocking stuffers for men:

  1. A Knife. You don’t have to go all psycho and get the Gordon 8-inch Survival Knife from Harbor Freight. But, a nice little pocket knife makes for a fun, manly, and slightly practical gift. Best of all, pocket knives fit well into a Christmas Stocking. Little pocket knifes like the Buck 425 MiniBuck and Case MiniBlackhorn are very inexpensive and Made in the USA. A Case Sodbuster Junior is a slight step up in price and very practical. If you have a little more to spend a Gerber Suspension Multi-Tool is a fun and practical gadget for lots of little jobs and the Kershaw 1550ST Blackout is a great knife for an outdoorsman. There are lots of great knives available in the stocking stuffer range of $10 to $50.
  2. A Wristwatch. A good bang around watch always makes a great stocking stuffer and there are plenty of attractive watches available for less than $50. For $12, you can get a funky M.Z. Berger Analog-Digital Watch from Walmart. While $20 at Target will get you a fashionably styled Mossimo Watch from Target. The Big Box discount stores also have lots of great watches like the futuristic Armitron Square Digital Sports Watch and the basic Armitron All-Sport Digital Watch. The outdoorsman on your list might like a basic Timex Expedition watch, while the computer technologist on your list might like the retro styling of the classic Casio Men’s Digital Watch. Wonderful watches aren’t all that expensive and make great stocking stuffers. Surely, with this watch, it will complement whatever type of men hair cut the recipient has. With its classy and elegant design, you will never go wrong with it.
  3. A Good Flashlight. If you want a truly macho gift, you might check out the American-made flashlights from Maglite. While a full-sized Maglite might not fit in a typical stocking, the Mini Maglite LED packs a lot of power into a small stocking stuffer sized package.
  4. Electric Shaver. There has always been something cool about the electric razor. While the purist may eschew electric shavers in favor of traditional blades, when you’ve got someplace to be an electric shaver comes in handy. Fortunately, basic entry level shavers like the Remington DA-307 Microscreen Shaver and the Norelco Micro Action Plus Rotary Shaver sell for less than $50. If you want a really cheap infomercial alternative, the MICROforce Wet/Dry Electric Shaver does the job on battery power and can be an essential item for a man’s desk.
  5. Cheap Sunglasses. If you are trying to stay infomercial cheap, a guy can never have too many pairs of cheap sunglasses. Sunglasses like BluBlocker Vipers or HD Vision WrapArounds are cheap and great to have in your car or around the house when you need them.
  6. Compact Binoculars. Finally sportsmen will enjoy having a decent pair of compact binoculars. At the low end, Tasco Essentials 8×21 binoculars are very affordable and they fit great into a man’s Christmas stocking.
  7. All of these men’s stocking stuffer gifts have one thing in common: they are better than socks, toothpaste, deodorant, or nose hair clippers.
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