Get Rid Of Stubborn Belly Fat Using Slimfy – How to get rid of it?


Why Is Stubborn Belly Fat So Threatening to Your Health?

Belly fat affects a lot of us. Even though we don’t carry extra fat in other places on our bodies, for reasons unknown, it just seems to deposit on the stomach. Sad to say, however, belly fat carries additional risks than fat kept elsewhere on the body.

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You shouldn’t try to shed weight around your stomach because you wish to look more attractive but let your health be a better driving force. There are some problems related to fat in this particular area, such as:

• Type 2 diabetes,

• Cardiovascular disease,

Colo-rectal cancer,

• And a general higher risk of premature death.

Studies have shown that stubborn belly fat differs from other types of fat. It’s a lot more risky for your health than the fat located around the legs or the rear. Belly fat could boost blood sugar levels, hence the link to type 2 diabetes. For this reason it’s still a danger even though you don’t  have a lot of fat somewhere else on your body.

How to Gauge Your Belly Fat

Even though it can’t identify all kinds of belly fat, your waist measurement is certainly a good sign of whether you’re in the healthy range or not. It’s a much more precise than only using the scales, or depending on BMI (Body Mass Index) measurements.

Measure your waist around your bare stomach, just above your hips. Be sure that the tape is level flat and don’t pull in your belly when you measure.

The proper waist measurement for women is under 35 inches, and for men it’s under 40.

Look Out, Even When You’re Skinny

Don’t believe that you’re entirely healthy simply because you’re slim. You might have harmful belly fat that’s concealed near your organs. This type of fat can only be diagnosed by medical scans, but it could definitely be there and it could still be putting your health in danger!

The truth is, studies have shown that if you have a balanced BMI but loads of concealed belly fat, you could be more vulnerable than those with an overweight BMI. Quite a few just don’t understand that they have to do something about this type of fat!

The reality if that stubborn belly fat can have bad implications for you no matter what your overall weight. So be mindful of your waist size, include physical activity in your daily routine and make sure to stay with a well balanced diet. Even though you can’t target weight reduction specifically to your belly, working out and eating better will make you lose weight everywhere on your body.

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