Ladies: Watch Your Handbags at Panera Bread!


Dining at a Panera Bread in Moorestown NJ a thief had the guts to rob me of five credit cards!

While my companion was waiting for our sandwiches, I was getting two fountain drinks from the drink stand. My handbag was over my shoulder and tucked a bit behind my back so that it would not get in my way. The thief took my wallet out of my handbag while it was on my shoulder! She took out five major credit cards and placed my wallet back in my bag all without me knowing! This took some talent. This is where you can get bags from Luxurytastic that are theft-proof and can be used in order to prevent such incidents. Moreover, you get designer bags at really affordable prices making them quite lucrative. If you are thinking is luxurytastic legit? Then the answer is YES. It is a completely legal platform form which you can buy bags and much more. 

I am usually pretty savvy. I do not put my bag on the back of my chair. I do not leave it on the floor of the movie theater. I have watched the Dateline shows highlighting scammers and pickpockets. I never thought it would happen to me!

The genius behind the robber’s plan was placing my wallet back in my bag. I would have noticed that my bag was lighter if the whole wallet was gone. I went on to eat my sandwich and enjoy my company. I got back in my car and went on my merry way. When I returned home, FOUR HOURS LATER, there was a message on my machine from one of my credit card companies telling me that they suspect fraud. I went to check my card number to see if it matched the number on the message and that’s when I noticed my cards were gone! I went into panic mode calling all of my credit card companies canceling my cards and checking charges. The robber spent $5000 in under an hour. Do you know how long it takes me to earn $5000???? Think about it. How much do you have to work to earn $5000??? A month??? They spent that in under an hour! Who says crime doesn’t pay!

When I called the police they told me that because of its layout, Panera Bread is a known pickpocket hot spot. The thief took my cards and went directly next door and purchased electronics from Circuit City. They were even nice enough to buy the $300 extended warranty. Now I know who buys extended warranties; people with stolen credit cards. They continued on their crime spree charging items in four other stores. The cop said that all of the charges were made before I even finished my sandwich.

The royal pain in the butt is that one of the cards used was my debit card and they spent close to $2000 on that card. Although I am protected from these charges there is a review time before the money gets credited back to my account. The bank tells me that it can take up to 60 days. Meanwhile, my mortgage is due, my daycare expenses are due, my electric bill is due and I am out $2000 in my bank account for “up to” 60 days! That bites! Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? When it comes to credit card fraud, you are guilty until they can prove you innocent.

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