Practical Choices for Selecting the Black And White Printers for Business


In 2021, the budget allocated to printing represents up to 3% of the company’s turnover, which encourages executives to turn to more profitable solutions. Multifunctional, connected, and proactive, the corporate printer knows how to combine technologies and savings.

Choose your printer by precisely calculating your needs

Inkjet or laser, the professional printer offers a more or less precise resolution and a faster or slower copy speed. But what really differentiates the different models touted by distributors? Some machines print, scan, and are also used as fax machines. Others print on all types of paper and may allow the creation of commercial brochures. You can Read More about it.

Genuinely targeting your needs is therefore essential to make an attractive investment over time. A preliminary study will make it possible to determine the volume of copies to be produced per week or per month and specify whether it makes sense to acquire a laser printer. Businesses requiring very high print speeds are also going to have to decide if the professional laser printer is right for their needs.

Define the essential features

Many companies will turn to the multifunction printer connected to wifi which also offers document management and consumables control: easy to use thanks to an intuitive touch screen. These machines help to save time for printing in all formats, in black and white or color.

Advanced and high-performance, specialized printers are preferred for certain activities:

  • Dot-matrix printers are suitable for harsh environments and can continue to produce copies even if the ambient temperature is very high;
  • 3D printers produce 3D objects from materials of various kinds. It can be plastic as well as metal.
  • Thermal printers are perfect for printing small formats such as tickets and tickets, etc.

The professional printer allows more and more applications, and the 5G network is going to be another accelerator. This enthusiasm for cutting-edge technologies is linked to the company’s innovation needs, tossed between digital transformation and the obligation of productivity in an increasingly demanding competitive market. You can Read More regarding the same here.

Which printer to choose for your business?

Different printers are available in the market. Discover several models that may match your needs.

Inkjet printer

It works with liquid ink cartridges contained in a mobile print head. This type of printer is more recommended for home rather than professional use. Still, it may be suitable if you only print occasionally and are not looking for particularly high quality.


Less expensive to purchase than a laser printer, efficient, ergonomic, and compact.

Laser printer

It is the most frequently used model in business. It works with a toner that contains the ink in powder form. As a result, the ink does not dry out, and the print quality remains optimal until the toner is replaced. This model quickly prints large quantities of sheets.

Advantages: economical over time, qualitative, durable, fast, practical, and silent.

The LED laser printer

This model works like the classic laser printer, but it uses LED technology. It can thus print even faster and more efficiently while consuming less energy.


fast, economical over time, ecological, qualitative, durable, and silent.

Here are several examples:

The thermal sublimation photo printer: this model is preferred for printing photos with optimum quality and increased resistance. It works with a specific paper and uses a method of printing by successive layers.

The A3 printer

it is designed to print on larger sheets. It will be used, for example, for architectural plans or posters. Its price is high, so this printer will be recommended instead for companies that want to reduce their outsourcing costs for printing A3 documents.

3D printer

it allows you to print small items or objects. For this, she uses plastic, resin, or steel.

Matrix printer: transfers ink to paper using needles. It is particularly used for printing documents that have to withstand difficult conditions (transport, extreme temperatures, etc.).

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