How To Save Money On Pet Food The Right Way?


Pets are our best friends and we always make sure that they lead a comfortable and convenient life. Pets require special care and this is even more true when they are young. Pet food is one of the most essential items that you need to buy when you have a pet at home. However, pet foods have become really expensive these days as their popularity has skyrocketed. So, if you are interested in saving a few bucks when shopping for pet food or simparica trio for dogs, then here are some helpful tips.

Avoid Big Brands

one of the easiest ways to save money in your pet food is by avoiding big brands. These brands are industry leaders and that is why their products tend to be more expensive when compared to other pet brands. Buying their products can definitely give you a peace of mind but that does not mean other brands are here to dupe you. If you are on a budget, then it is a good idea to look for smaller brands who have good popularity. Also, just because you are paying more, it doesn’t mean that the food is going to be more nutritious. So, you can also compare the labels & check the ingredients to be sure of what you are buying. Save money over time by switching to the smaller pet food brands.

Search For Better Deals –

you can choose to not leave out on your favorite brands for saving money. But you can definitely look for better deals, right?  Keep an eye out for your pet store’s coupon list, and subscribe to their email newsletters for weekly deals. You can even sign up for membership programs at different pet stores to earn back rewards and get exclusive offers from them. Even the most popular pet brands have good deals for all their customers throughout the year. You just need to follow the events and make the most of them. If you can bag a better deal, you’ll see that you can easily save a lot of money over pet food costs in 2021.

Get Your Products in Bulk –

another great way to save money on pet food is by buying products in bulk. Yes! Buying large amounts of products at the same time will save you quite some money when compared to buying in smaller quantities. You can look out for “End of Season” sales, festive offers or other deals that a brand is currently offering. Buy your products in bulk and you are definitely going to save a significant chunk of money. There are also many brands who offer extra discounts to their customers who buy from them in bulk. However, you should also make sure that the product you are going to buy is essential for your pet. Or else it is just going to lie in the corner of your house forever.

Look After The Serving Size –

make sure that your pet is eating according to the recommended serving size. If you are unable to do so, then you will definitely need to go out and buy food frequently. That does not mean you should not give your dog as much food as he/she wants. But be careful of the portions you are providing. Too much pet food is never a good thing to feed to your lovely pet. The problem of overeating can cause serious health issues among pets later on when they grow up.

So, here are the top things you should check out when you are interested in saving money while buying pet food in 2021.

Poker Party Food Ideas


I love to have small get-togethers. Any sporting event or card game is a reason to invite a few friends and bring out the food. For a Poker Party, I tend to stick to finger foods and snacks. I like to have several choices in amounts that allow for a small snack size serving for each person in attendance.

Let’s start with drinks. I don’t particularly like alcohol, so I always make sure to have a cooler full of ice and a good assortment of canned colas. I will usually have a 12-pack of each of the following: Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite, and Orange Soda. With this assortment I will have leftovers, so I don’t buy drinks for a couple of weeks.

On to the food!!!

My party menu consists of: Cheese/Rotel Dip and Tortilla Chips, Sausage Balls, Chicken Nuggets, Assorted Crackers and a Cheese Ball, Brownies, and Miniature Donuts.

The Cheese/Rotel Dip is made with Velveeta or a store brand equivalent and a can of Rotel Tomatoes. Since there are several varieties of Rotel tomatoes, you can choose just how hot you want to go. I use the regular Rotel. I also use a crock pot to make the dip. First of all, I cut the cheese into cubes. The cubes should be about 1 inch square. I use between ½ and ¾ of the large loaf of cheese. I place the cheese cubes in the crock pot with the can of Rotel Tomatoes and turn the crock pot on high. After about 20 minutes, I stir the mixture and continue checking it every 20 minutes (and stirring) until the cheese is completely melted. Then I turn the crock pot down to the “keep warm” setting. When serving, I let guests dip from the crock pot with a ladle. I place a bag of tortilla chips next to the crock pot for convenience.

Next on my menu: Sausage Balls. To make the sausage balls, I like to use my food processor. You can mix and knead by hand, but the food processor makes it a quick job. Take ½ pound of sausage (hot or mild), 1 cup of shredded cheddar cheese -I like sharp cheese, and 1 ¼ cups of baking mix -I use Bisquick. Place it all in the food processor, turned it on hi speed, and process until the mixture is well blended. Once mixed, roll the mixture into 1 to 1 ½ inch diameter balls and place on a very lightly greased cookie sheet. I tend to use the spray kind for this. Bake the sausage balls at 350 – 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. This will vary from oven to oven. I like to check mine after 10 minutes and then keep a close eye on them until they are done.

For the chicken nuggets, I call Chick-Fil-A and order a nugget tray. It is a little pricey, but it is well worth it. You might want to call ahead to find out how much time is needed to prepare the tray. My local Chick-Fil-A just needs a 20 minute advance notice and I can pick up the tray from the drive-thru. How’s that for service?

I purchase a ready-made cheese ball from the local grocery store deli and place it in the middle of a serving plate or tray. I then arrange 2 or 3 different types of crackers around it. You can get creative here and try just about any cracker. Sometimes, I will get something I have never tried before and a dependable favorite. That way, I know that there will be something I like.

To finish up the snacks, I purchase a pan of brownies from the local grocery store’s bakery department and a bag or box of those wonderful tiny donuts off the shelf. I prefer the Hostess Donettes over other brands, but you can go with what you like. You may even have a special desert that everyone likes…fix it or purchase it ready made. There is nothing like having a good, dependable, tasty, sweet treat that everyone likes.

Last, invite those friends, put out the food and drink, add the plates, cups, napkins, straws and utensils -paper and plastic -we don’t want to wash dishes after the party, and party until you are partied-out! The menu can change depending on your likes. The main thing is that you enjoy time with friends and/or family and have fun!

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