Las Vegas Nightclubs – Risque and Tabu


Risqué at Paris Risqué is a club that doesn’t really live up its name and is located inside Paris; it is one of the original nightclubs on the Vegas strips. You actually wait in line on the first floor and then user up the stairs to the second floor when it’s your turn to actually go in which is nice since your not crowded with a bunch of random people pushing to get in. The nightclub hosts mostly an older crowd of people but if you end up going later in the night the younger the crowd seems to get but no matter what you’ll end up with a good mix of people. If you are 20 something year old I suggest getting there after midnight since by then most of the older patrons have cleared out but it really depends on the night.


There are a couple of bars in the Toronto clubs and getting to them never causes any injury and just about effortless which you can’t say for many of the other nightclubs on the strip. The unique aspect of this club is the fact that they have unique themed that change every night of the week, so you always get a different experience every time you go. There are two different rooms at Risqué, one room that is sultry and sexy and another that is more of the general party area. The nightclub also features a bunch of private patio areas which are located in the front of the club and you are able to take in the fountain show and the Bellagio with a great view as well as the Paris fountains. The nightclub a dance floor and since it’s not overly crowded you have room to dance with some pretty good music. The bar is not bad and the night I went they only had one drink special and that was a buttery nipple (completely gross) for around $6 not including tip and the other drinks were within range of the other nightclubs I had been too. This isn’t a place that you would spent the whole night at and most likely use it as a pit stop on the way to bigger and better clubs.

Tabu at the MGM Grand Tabu located at the MGM Grand is not really so much a nightclub as it is a “ultralounge” as they are called in Vegas. Tabu is a small small lounge/club area, whatever you actually want to call it, and it is very intimate. There is no actual dance floor or actual designated space to do anything really so you randomly sit/stand/dance wherever you feel comfortable. Most of the space at Tabu is taken up by the VIP table service area which I have yet to ever see anyone at, so really you see a bunch of empty couches and tables taking up most of the area and then a crowd of people packed like sardines because there is no room to move around because of said VIP area. What a waste of space. The music here changes nightly but mostly a Top 40/pop/house kind of a club with a pretty good DJ on some nights. The bartenders are the only thing actually worth going to this club for, they do great work and they should since a simple shot costs around $13. (I suggest a Jolly Rancher, strong but very good.) I’m not sure why this is called an “ultra” lounge but I would make us of my time at some of the other places on the strip.

How To Plan Your First Date


First of all, I’m going to assume that you have asked someone out on a date already. This article will detail exactly what you should do ahead of time to prepare for your first date.

For instance, you’ll first want to contemplate exactly what you know about this person. Does your date dress well? If so, then you should consider going for a shopping spree with him/her at the mall. Did you date mention any interests like tennis? You both could go play a game of tennis at your local civic center. Once you have a couple of these ideas, narrow down exactly how the date will progress. I like to go for coffee, go for a mini-shopping spree at the mall, and then get some ice cream. Then, depending on how things are going (you’ll be able to tell if your date likes you or not), invite your date back to your place for a movie.

Next, you should consider what you want to wear. Again, depending on where you two will be going, you should consider the dress code. In general, you should wear nice things, but you don’t want to be overdressed. On dates, I often wear a cool button-up shirt, designer jeans, and very nice shoes. Believe me, it is true what they say about women noticing your shoes. If you cannot afford new, nice clothes, at least purchase some very nice shoes. Your date will notice them. Also, make sure to have a nice haircut as well as to shower thoroughly. Nobody likes someone that smells bad.

You should also mentally prepare for the date. Think about funny stories that you could tell your date. However, make sure they are not too gross or weird as this will give your date the wrong impression about you. You should also think ahead about interesting questions to ask your date. Asking questions regarding things like weight, annual income, and previous sexual partners should be avoided. I like to ask about my date’s dreams, hobbies, and even her favorite color.

Lastly, you should call your date and make sure that he/she is still going to meet up at the designated place and time. It is a huge waste of your time to get all dressed and ready for the date, only to find out that your date didn’t even show up. By calling ahead, you will minimize the chance that he/she will stand you up. Further, it will show your date that you are interested in him/her and your date will appreciate this. Nothing is worse than going on a first date and finding out that your date isn’t really that interested in you.

With these tips, you should be more than prepared for a romantic and successful first date.

Remember that first dates are the first step on the ladder and if you want it to become a success, be sure to adhere to the aforementioned tips without fail and never apply your own mind and make up things on your own because if you do, everything will go down the drain and not even the Free Dating App can help you out of the mess.

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