Monero Why We Believe In Monero And You Should Too


Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency created in 2014. The main different between Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTC) is that Monero is based on CryptoNote protocol. This coin is primarly focused on provacy, decentralisation and scalability. The main update to Monero code happened on 10th of January 2017: in this date the privacy of Monero transactions strengthened further with the optional use of Bitcoin Core developer Gregory Maxwell’s algorithm Ring Confidential Transactions. Before this date (until block #1220515) the transactions were obfuscated through confusion. This new feature permit to don’t display the amounts implicated in a transaction some someone who did not directly take part of it.

The mission of the online Binance crypto exchange platform is to offer the best infrastructure service at the blockchain eco system. There is the availability of the services as per the requirements and needs of the people so that they can deal in the cryptocurrency and make more money for the bank account.

Main Features

Monero has 3 main features that makes it so much appreciated in the alt-coin community:

Privacy: Like told before, Monero was developed with privacy in mind. After the implementation of RingCT, Monero protect users’ privacy in 3 ways: 1) Ring Signatures hide the sending address, 2) RingCT hide the amount of the transactions, 3) stealth addresses hide the receiving address. Decentralisation: Monero is powered by Proof Of Work. The smart mining fouthcoming feature will allow transparent CPU mining on the users’ computer – far from the de facto centralization of mining farms and pool mining (cough-Bitcoin-cough) Scalability: Monero has no hardcoded limit: this mean no stupid limit of 1MB per block and no stuck transactions. However, a block reward penalty mechanism is build into protocol to avoid a too excessive block size (or too small block size).

Market Capitalization/Price

Initally, Monero has not much popularity with the general public. It has its support fan club, and everyone interest in cryptocoin knew its value, anyway its market cap was nothing exceptional ($5M). The things changed during 2016, when Monero experienced a rapid growth in market cap (from $5M to $185) and transactions volume(689,796 txs on 1th Jan 2015 – 1,419,320 1th Jan 2016).

The causes of this growth seems to be the adoption by major DNM AlphaBay and the investor interest due the increase of price. Anyway, these 2 factors combined has the great merit to let Monero be known by a large public of cryptocoin entusiast, and so let them keep on growing.

Conclusion: Why we love Monero?

We love Monero for few (but importan) aspects:

It’s truly private: you don’t have to be a drug dealer or tax evader to pretend some good privacy from an alt-coin. Monero does it. And does it in a great way (we’ll talk about privacy tips of morero in another article). It’s fast: if you use bitcoin often like we do (often=at least 2 txs per week or more) you know that 1MB of block size is a stupid limit. It stuck tons of transactions per day and it force users to pay bigger fees to speed up transactions. If you commit a mistake and send a transaction with low fees you could wait days before see it confirmed. Reasonably Cheap: it doesn’t mean that transactions are free, it means they have a low cost. Evolves: Monero has behind more than 30 indipendent devs who continue working on features to implement. Bitcoin, after MONTHS, still can’t expand the block limit.


If you are an alt-coin lover, or simply curious, we suggest giving Monero a try. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed.


Reading this article you could think that we hate BTC. Nothing could be wronger: like everyone out there, we love bitcoin, its technology, and its mission. It has the merit to be the first subject of a revolution that it’s still going on while we write. We are strongly against the false democracy that became the Bitcoin community where few devs and few (BIG) miners try to make rules of an unregulated game.

Bitcoins- How To Use And Utilize Them


Whenever you get to try out a new task that you are completely new to without any knowledge, you are completely at sea and have no idea on how to begin and proceed. The initial stages are quite rough and there are times when you feel like giving up on it when you repeatedly encounter failures.

Well, there is nothing to be ashamed of as that is the case with everybody, where the only difference is that some are quick learners while others are slow learners and take some time to grasp the basics before eventually mastering it.

However, this does not make the quick learners superior to the slow ones and both are equal in this game. As far as jobs are concerned, the times are such that irrespective of whether you are a fast or slow learner, or even talented enough, if you are the son of a reputed celebrity, be it businessman/film star/industrialist, then you’re guaranteed to get any position of your choice in any organization.

It is sad but a bitter pill to swallow and something needs to be done to control the situation before it is too late and there is no dearth as to what the future holds for the job market.

Bitcoin Revolution

Fortunately, there was a welcome oasis with the advent of the 21st century when 2009 proved to be a watershed year in the cryptocurrency market in the form of bitcoin, which quickly captivated people all over the world and became a favorite of the masses.

Bitcoin, by definition, is a decentralized currency that is not regulated by a central bank and therefore it does not have to report it to anyone, unlike other banks, so people consider it a safe haven for investments.

The bitcoin revolution has made investing and money trading far easier where not only the elite class but even people from common backgrounds can try it out without any problem.


For beginners, bitcoins is not the easy ticket to becoming a millionaire and if you do not exercise caution, it will be considered a little more than gambling and the chances are bright that you would be reduced to penury as bitcoin prices are known to fluctuate time and time again.

People who are adept in investing bitcoins usually store them in the wallet which manages your savings and can be used at leisure by the users for further transactions and investments.

Bitcoin, or any cryptocurrency investment for that matter, is a platform where there are no shortcuts and you have to invest without thinking about the returns, which will entirely depend on the market structure.

Learn and Earn

So we are going to discuss about certain steps on how to get bitcoins and later learn on how to use them in a proper manner:

  • The easiest step is to have a face to face conversation and purchase bitcoin through direct transaction from the seller. It could be anyone from close friend to a complete stranger. Normally, crypto enthusiasts meet up at a specified place that are termed as bitcoin meetup points
  • Directly connect with a new seller on known websites like where buyers have the liberty to purchase through various payment methods like Paypal, PayTM, transfer and others
  • Install a Bitcoin Revolution App Software which can provide you with necessary notifications about new offers in bitcoin and also connect will other users on the platform
  • You can also use a credit card to buy bitcoin at and  you can purchase both core and cash
  • Bitcoin ATM is another way on for investing at regular intervals as they provide easy access to the crypto world

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