The Reinvention Of ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Into IMAX 3D: Does It Ruin The Shape Of A Great Work Of Art?


There’s something about certain classic movies that stick in our minds as having a particular aesthetic. “The Wizard of Oz” has the unusual distinction of having a longer line of generations who saw it on TV than those who saw it in theaters. In fact, few still live who can remember seeing the film in a theater during its premiere year.

It’s the generations who grew up watching “The Wizard of Oz” annually on TV that remember it in a specific way not far removed from the original theatrical presentation. Considering the original 4:3 aspect ratio was standard in 1939, seeing it on TV didn’t take away any visual information. That’s a far contrast to those who grew up watching “2001: A Space Odyssey” scrunched onto local TV station screens in the 1970s and 80s, then seeing it later in its 70mm glory in a theater or Blu-ray.

The dividing line between the “Oz” TV generations is in those seeing it all in black and white (during the 1950s and ’60s) with those seeing the color segments intact from the 1970s to 1990s. Additional unique impressions of how the film was assimilated in childhood were created that way. And it might give concern when those aging viewers hear about how Warner Brothers is taking one of their most lucrative film classics to every possible digital frontier.

Mind you, when “Oz” came out on Blu-ray several years ago in a lavish 70th anniversary box set, it looked stunning. However, nobody would have entertained the thought that Warner would have the guts to release it in 3D to keep up with the Real D craze. Even more so, it’s nearly impossible to think a film from 1939 would look good in the IMAX format.

The film will be in IMAX 3D later this year as part of an emerging thought that viewing cherished art through new lenses creates new aesthetic experiences. But is it the equivalent of taking a Van Gogh painting and twisting its shape from what viewers remember? It ultimately depends on whether certain pieces of art shaped our souls or were just passive experiences. You can also play this movie on your device using kodi fire stick addons. Surely, you will enjoy watching this movie in a an amazing media player.

While paintings might be enhanced in 3D or enlarged format, “The Wizard of Oz” shaped generational thinking much more than society realizes. It still conjures certain feelings that kids had in the same way watching the old Peanuts TV specials still do. I’ve argued, though, that when the Peanuts specials moved to ABC in 2000, they lost a little of their aesthetic that was so familiar being on CBS.

Most of us want our childhood experiences to be preserved just as we remember them without nuanced disturbances. All those millions of people who grew up with “The Wizard of Oz” on TV likely include things that were going on in the periphery with their family as part of the remembered experience. Seeing the film in 3D or the enlarged IMAX format might feel more like a nightmare rather than a sense of discovery or fun.

Let’s also remember that film grain from 1939 is nearly impossible to remove digitally. Said grain may be more apparent in 3D as well as IMAX. Regardless, it likely won’t stop some fans from satiating their curiosity.

For others, “The Wizard of Oz” will likely always be a product of TV. There, it can now look pristine in 1080p as one half regret of not having that technology available 40 years ago in our living rooms.

Where to Find the Best Gardens in the Shreveport Area


When you plan a trip to Shreveport, most likely you are coming for one of two things. Well, maybe both (who knows) and we are talking about the casinos and crawfish. However, there is more here then you may expect.

There is our new convention center and Bossier City Boardwalk. We have more then just all of the nightlife excitement and good Cajun food. How about a peaceful stroll around Shreveport’s American Rose Center or a nice trot through a 585 acre park?

To celebrate America’s national flower, Shreveport, Louisiana brings us one of the most beautiful display of roses in the nation. There are several annual events, especially around Easter. April 1 is when the garden opens for the spring. To celebrate Christmas and the beautiful display of lights, the American Rose Garden opens on November 27.

Throughout the year, there are many things that the garden celebrates. April 4-5, is the Easter egg hunt and festivities. There is a Mother’s Day banquet in May. Then a Father’s Day banquet in June, as well. In the fall, there is a Harvest Moon stroll. Of course the garden stays open to celebrate Christmas with a beautiful display of lights. You can smell apple cider in the air as well as funnel cakes.

It’s an enjoyable place for the entire family. To become a member, you get many benefits. Memberships range from $49 to $140. Not to mention, you are also supporting the park, as well. For details about the garden, please visit the site by clicking on the link in the resource box.

The Barnwell Memorial Garden and Art Center is another great place to learn about more then flowers.There is a conservatory where you will learn about many exotic plants. There is a patio, as well as a gallery where you can host an event, like a reunion or wedding. The fountains and view of the river are absolutely beautiful.

Only flowers and plants? Actually no! There is more here then that. How about a breath taking art gallery that is full of great works by many well known artists. There are also classes and workshops for many forms of arts. There is an Iris Annual Convention that is coming up April 25 and is free for everyone. That sounds like a nice and peaceful outing for the family. If this place sounds interesting to you, check them out at the link in the resource box.

Another wonderful place to take the family while in the Shreveport area, is the C. Bickham Dickson park. This huge park is about 585 acres with a beautiful 200 area lake. The family can enjoy a day of fishing or horseback riding. There is also a playground as well as a hay rides. This sounds like a lot of family fun. At the largest park in Shreveport, you may want to sit and admire the scenery while enjoying a nice picnic.

You will also find that the park is home to the Red River Education and Research department. There is always some sort of research going on there. For instance, currently they are researching the water quality. For full details on the park, you may visit the link to the right, in the resource box.

Becoming a member helps the organizations in keeping the gardens nice and goes for research and education of flowers, plants, art and the ecosystem. Not to mention, they are a place where you can take the family for not only fun and excitement, but education as well.

She Couldn’t Shake the Previous Nights Dream


She still couldn’t shake the previous nights dream. With everything going on in her life, the one negative was the miserable condo association and the horrible condition of her condo. Both her lakeside decks had been torn up for over 18 months due to rotten beams and joist. Prior to that, the entry deck had been torn up for 18 months as a result of a rotten beam. The only reason it finally got fixed is that she had advanced the Board of the Condo Association over $5000 to fix it. The county Assessor had reduced the evaluation of her condo by $200,000 over the past 3 years due to deferred maintenance on the exterior.

She was beginning to think the problem was hers. A sense of insecurity fell over her and try as she might, she was losing her own spirituality. There was a feeling of doom every time she came home. What would the next miserable email, phone call or letter bring? Maybe she should move to another location but where? She loved the view of the lake and the trees and the wonderful friends she had made.  

Then, she decided to go into town for a party with an organization she belonged to. When she arrived, there was an instant feeling of belonging, being appreciated. She was warmly greeted with lots of hugs and smiles. She felt better. The evening was full of fun and by the time she arrived home, she was thinking she was just fine. The problems were not about her but about a bunch of middle management men who never received the authority they thought they deserved in business. Condo Boards are magnets for power hungry, overblown egos. A successful, attractive woman owning the largest condo was a threat to their egos.

Checking her email there were greetings from around the world. People she had met through her travels. People she really enjoyed and respected. Being with them gave her a sense of accomplishment. They respected her. There were messages about recent events she had attended with international dignitaries and government officials.

Getting ready for bed she was reminded the wall of her bedroom, her sanctuary, and inner sanctum was all that divided her from the Board member responsible for all the problems with her condo. She shivered and said a little prayer asking for right and equitable solutions to the problems with her condo association.

The summer night was cool and a soft breeze came through the open door. As she drifted off there was the soft hum of a boat somewhere on the lake.

Around 3AM she was awakened by the nightly ringing of the door bell. Was it real or was it a dream? She didn’t know, but she was startled. She had been dreaming of being with friends. In her dream she was riding on the lake road with friends and as they passed her condo project, one of her friends pointed out the condos were shabby, the grounds were overgrown, there were foreclosure signs at the entry and three or four For Sale signs. Another friend said, “I’m so glad you got out of there. What a terrible mess that place is and it just gets worse and worse. What an eye sore on this beautiful lake.” Then, the ringing of the door bell.

She heated some water for tea then turned on the computer. She found the local MLS listings and made notes on the 5 or 6 properties in the immediate area within her budget. By 6AM she was showered and headed out the door with her list of properties. By 9AM she was back at the computer making appointments to see two of the properties.

The image of her condo project in her dream would not go away. It was an omen. A message. A sign to get out. The voice inside repeated, ‘Take your lumps and get out now.’

By noon she was in the house she knew would be hers. It needed work but it felt secure. The back deck actually had an ancient cedar tree growing through the floor giving the feeling of a tree house. There was a year-round stream flowing at the edge of the property. Sitting quietly, she heard the soothing concert from the bubbling stream and the birds in the forest. She felt a sense of peace and serenity in this place. It was a 40 year old, well built vacation home with a sturdy concrete foundation. It was priced right and with a little juggling it would be the perfect winter project and come next summer, it would be HOME!

God is listening. God does answer prayer. God speaks to us in a variety of ways. We just have to ask, listen and take responsibility.

Review – Hawthorn Suites at the Victorian Resort in Galveston, TX


The Hawthorn Suites is located at the Victorian Condo Resort on Seawall Blvd in Galveston, TX. My husband and I wanted a quick weekend getaway at the beach. But, with 2 small children our hotel choices were limited. We needed something with at least one separate bedroom, a kitchen, and a dining room table and all on the seawall. After 2 days of searching every single hotel on Seawall Blvd, I found the Hawthorne Suites. It seemed to have everything we needed and had tons more to offer as well.

The Hawthorn Suites is easy to find off of Seawall BLVD and 61st Street next to the Super Wal-mart. Upon entering the circle drive toward the entrance, the hotel appears to be reminisce of the east coast cap cod style homes and hotels from the 1900’s. At first glance I was extremely impressed and thrilled at the location and the exterior of the hotel. The lobby was not up to date and was small and reminded me of an old motel lobby area. The front desk employees were extremely nice and helpful. Very pleasant to talk to and helped with any questions. The hotel had been overbooked and sold out for the weekend. We were greatly surprised that they so graciously upgraded our room from a one bedroom to a two bedroom at no additional charge.

The room was pleasantly surprising. After seeing the lobby I wasn’t sure what to expect. There was a small foyer that lead to a very large kitchen and huge living/dining area. The kitchen was well equipped with a small refrigerator, stove top, sink, and dishwasher. There was also tons of cabinets stocked with cups, plates, dishes, and silverware along with plenty of counter space. Coffee maker with coffee and cleaning supplies also came in the kitchen. There was a large sleeper sofa, side chair, coffee table and armoire with a large TV that completed the living room area and a nice size kitchen table and 4 chairs set in the corner made a great place to eat breakfast. The balcony door was right off the living room and had a great view of the gulf. The oversized balcony had a small table and two chairs to enjoy the gulf breezes.

The two bedrooms in our condo were very spacious. There was actually a 3rd kids room off the front foyer. It was small but had bunkbeds and a small dresser. There would be perfect for kids. Since we were traveling with 2 small kids, the room was perfect size to house one of the 2 portable cribs. Plus, it gave our youngest son privacy during naps and bedtime. The secondary bedroom had a queen size bed, flat screen TV, dresser, ceiling fan and a view of the family pool. The master bedroom had a queen size bed as well and a flat screen TV. Huge dresser, large closet, and bay windows that overlooked the gulf of Mexico completed the room. Each bedroom had its own bathroom with an extra door from the 2nd bathroom to the living room.

The room supplied all the same amenities you would find in another hotel room such as tolietries and essentials. Towels, pillows, and extra blankets. The hotel also featured 2 huge swimming pools. A family pool complete with zero depth entry features a water drop mushroom, a floating alligator, water cannon bubbling jets to tickle your toes and an adult pool with a rock waterfall and surrounded by trees. The hotel also has 2 hot tubs, 2 picnic areas, and a fish cleaning station, tennis courts and a fitness center. The Hawthorn has cruise parking, a full hot breakfast buffet complete with waffles, eggs, sausage and more.

The Hawthorn Suites is just steps away from the sandy beach and warm gulf waters. Many restaurants and stores surround the hotel. It is in a great location. This hotel was perfect for our family. Each of our 2 boys had their own room and we had our privacy as well. Our night didn’t have to end at 8pm when it was lights out for the kids. We both agreed that when we return to Galveston, this was our hotel of choice. Perfect in every way. I could not say enough nice things about this hotel. Now, the hotel was undergoing some major renovation and restoration at the time of our stay. Even with this going on, we never encountered any problems with our room, the service, the food, or anything. The best part about the trip was sitting on our private balcony that overlooked the gulf after the boys were sleeping and enjoying the quiet and listening to the ocean waves. We had an awesome time.

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