Best Car Loan Terms – Negotiate and Save


When shopping for a car at dealerships people need to be careful about the purchasing process to make sure that the best deal is obtained. Car salesmen are in the business of selling vehicles in order to make money and they do that by getting buyers to pay the highest possible rate for the car they want. In order to purchase a vehicle and get a great loan agreement, you have to take the right steps.

First shop around. Don’t get your heart set on one particular car if you want the best terms. There are many dealerships around with similar cars that can be purchased with better loan conditions and for a lower price. Know what the prices are at other car dealerships. If you can show a salesman that the same vehicle is for sale for less money at another dealership then they will probably match or beat that price. Also, be sure to know what the book value is for what you are trying to buy. Don’t listen to garbage about how blue book value isn’t accurate or that they base their trade-in offer on what price they can get your car for at an auction. Be firm in the price that is expected for the trade-in value and leaves if it is unacceptable. Although, a Wells Fargo Personal Loan is a great way to consolidate high-interest rate balances that you can go for. You can use this personal loan to pay for your dream car without paying too much interest rates.

Once the cost has been negotiated on the vehicle of choice then begin the search for the best loan terms possible. Car loans can be obtained from the place of purchase from private lenders like banks and credit unions. Sometimes the dealer has the best interest rates and loan terms because they have a high volume of inventory that goes through the lender so the lender offers them great deals on loans for their customers.

Also, check credit unions and banks for the best loan terms. Look on the internet and see if other lenders are interested in your loan. Once all of the offers are in, compare them and choose the best one. Tell the salesmen that you are comparing the best loan terms and they may be able to put a better deal on the table. Often, dealers get kickbacks from the loan companies which makes it worth it to them to keep your loan in house and give the best terms.

Be ready to walk away. If you do not get the price on the car or the loan terms desired then walking away may be the best option. There are always other cars out there that can be bought for a better deal. Many times the salesperson will even chase after customers once they realize that they are really leaving and then a lower price or better loan terms may be offered so that the deal does not fall through.

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