Window Treatment Ideas For Difficult Rooms


Windows vary drastically from small square cottage designs to large landscapes, making it necessary to investigate a range of window treatment ideas for every placement situation.

Not only does your window treatment have to complement its window, but treatments can be used to disguise problems such as mismatched windows grouped in pairs, windows situated too close to a wall or ceiling, or those placed in difficult locations such as stairwells or small entryways.

When considering different window treatment ideas, keep in mind that the proportions of your window might ultimately decide which design you choose, as you never want a window treatment that will impede your window.

There are not too many reliable window cleaning service in leeds so you don’t know where and whom to turn for treatment measures and there is a good chance that they might not be up to the job because most of them are quite slow on their output and choosing the design itself might take a long time, so they have no choice but to simply bide their time.

A matched pair of windows: your best bet for any type of window treatment; use identical designs on each one and treat the pair as a set. Try a long pole with three curtain panels hanging from it for something unique.

A mismatched pair of windows: the same window treatment should be used on both, but place the headings at the same heights even if one window is lower or smaller. To camouflage the extra space, simply carry the fabric down a little further.

Sliding doors: generally treated as one large window, be sure that any hanging window treatments do not obstruct the door’s ability to slide along its track. Try decorative tie-backs and sashes to keep drapes contained.

One window per wall: an ideal situation, open for experimentation with different window treatment ideas. Your only concern is not to overload the window too much; try sheer panels or skip the drapes in favor of a simple valance.

One recessed window: never affix the window treatment to the wall, as this sets the window even farther away from its framing decoration. Skip drapes to maximize the light factor and choose a small, thin panel attached to the window frame.

Window next to a wall: presents an asymmetrical design situation. Try a single voile panel with a decorative heading to draw the eye upwards. For something different, accent the off-center look by pulling the panel to one side with a tie.

Window next to the ceiling: attach any support or headings to the ceiling and hang all panels or drapes from that.

Window above furniture or fixture: if the piece is the same width of the window, floor-length drapes can still be used. Otherwise, it might be best to use sill-length curtains or skip the drapes in favor of a valance or panel.

Window in a stairwell: keep window treatments short and simple; try a decorative curtain rod with a short panel or a single curtain draped and looped over the rod. Steer clear of hanging panels and drapery as this might obstruct passage on the stairs.

What Are The 3 Diy Facials For Stressed Out Skin?


All of that extra time in the sun, a lack of sleep, and even a poor diet can stress out your skin. If your skin is starting to break out or appears inflamed and irritated, treat yourself to an at-home facial using ingredients from your fridge and pantry. Your skin readily absorbs nutrients and compounds found in certain types of fruits and fresh vegetables – and you don’t have to eat them to enjoy the benefit! A DIY facial made with fresh ingredients could be all it takes to restore that radiant glow and de-stress troubled skin.

Here are three DIY facials for restoring stressed out skin:

Strawberry Acne Facial

Strawberry is a natural source of salicylic acid, the same compound you find in many acne cleansers and topical treatments. If your skin is breaking out or you’re struggling with mild acne, make a strawberry face mask using equal parts fresh strawberries and yogurt. Yogurt soothes the skin upon contact so it will relieve inflammation or aggravated skin. The salicylic acid in the strawberries will help to break up those clogged pores and kill acne-causing bacteria triggering breakouts. Just leave the mixture on your face for about five to eight minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Honey and Oatmeal Facial

If your skin is especially parched, dry, and flaky this season, treat yourself to a moisturizing face mask made with honey and oatmeal. Just two tablespoons of honey mixed with three egg whites and a tablespoon of oatmeal is all you need to create a thick, moisture-infusing paste for your entire face and neck area. Apply the mixture all over your face and let it set for about 10 minutes until it dries slightly. Rinse with lukewarm water or remove with a warm towel, then follow up with a toner and a good moisturizer to seal in the effects of the mask.

Avocado and Carrot Cleansing Facial

When your skin’s looking a little ruddy and less than radiant, prepare a rich cleansing mask that will purify your pores and restore that radiant glow. Avocados are a good source of natural moisturizers and can really help to rehydrate parched skin. Carrots are loaded with vitamin C and can help to restore the skin and make it glow. Just boil a medium carrot until soft, and mash it with some ripe avocado. Add a tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil to the mix for an extra boost of moisture, then apply this mixture to your face. You’ll want to leave this one on for at least 20 minutes for it to work. Rinse off with warm water, then tone and moisturize as usual. Along with the facial, Botox can be utilized to help change the shape of the nose. Nose is an important sense organ for the human body. The appearance of the face will be excellent through the Botox.

LASIK – What Surgeons Might Not Tell You


LASIK and other corneal refractive procedures (PRK, RK) have popularized to the point that most people either know someone who’s had the procedure, or have had the procedure themselves. For the most part these procedures are successful and life-changing in the positive direction, reducing or eliminating the dependence on glasses or contact lenses for vision. However, about three percent suffer from visual complications that are not regarded as official “complications”, but can be life-altering in a negative way. Patients are often left with excessively dry eyes and visual phenomena that interfere with daily activities. Sometimes these problems cause patients to drastically alter the way they live their lives, and in rare cases have been the cause of suicide.

What are these visual disturbances? When discussing these issues, it is important to remember that refractive surgeons measure success according to the Snellen chart: the letter chart on the wall in the eye doctor’s office that measures visual acuity. Visual acuity is the 20/20, 20/30, etc that is often referenced in studies. FDA submissions for lasers tout their “20/40 or better” statistics, for example, because 20/40 vision is generally the acceptable level of vision for driving without corrective lenses in most states. What is often not discussed is visual acuity references “quantity” of vision…how many letters can be read on a given line. It’s the “quality” of that vision that can disrupt patients’ post-operative lives.

Many times these patients can make out the 20/20 line. Perfect, according to their eye doctor. Their refraction, or eyeglass prescription, is zero or close to it. A perfect result, no complications. And yet you will hear this person say, “But it isn’t a CLEAR 20/20”. You’ll hear the patient say the letters are “smeary”, or that they aren’t “crisp”. Sometimes the complaints are about night vision…arcing from lights, haloes around the moon or headlights, and starbursting in many different lighting situations. It can be so bad that patients choose not to drive at night, or are forced into not driving at night. Yet no glasses can help. Why?

These patients suffer from what is known as “higher order aberrations”. “Lower order aberrations” are what traditionally has been corrected by glasses and contact lenses…the defocus (nearsightedness or farsightedness) and astigmatism with which most are familiar. “Higher order aberrations” are what is left over when these two are taken out of the picture. The eye is not a perfect optical system and virtually everyone has higher order aberrations to some degree. Refractive surgery patients who are having visual difficulty exhibit higher order aberrations to an often extraordinary degree, and the aberrations increase as the pupil gets larger, which explains the higher incidence of complaints at night.

Why these are bothersome to some patients and not to others is not clear. For those who are greatly inconvenienced, many avenues for correction are sought. Some undergo additional laser procedures to correct the residual problems. Some develop very thin corneas that can only be treated with a penetrating keratoplasty, or corneal transplant. Some even have laser treatment OVER a corneal transplant. Some seek contact lens solutions. Studies suggest that large gas-permeable lenses offer these patients a good chance at reduction of their higher order aberrations and a return to a somewhat normal existence. These results of studies should be made known to the public through plastic surgery sales and marketing.

The vision can never be restored to pre-surgical levels. It can be improved and many patients tolerate these lenses well. Issues can arise because it takes a great deal of expertise to fit these lenses properly, and fabricate them to specifically fit each patient. There are also challenges because there are not many eye care practitioners who have a great interest in helping post-refractive patients. Often the problems are simply not understood…why would a person who’s seeing 20/20 be unhappy? There is much more to the story than just “20/20”. Since visual acuity is the only widely accepted measure of vision, it’s the easiest to report, and the easiest to understand. Patients who are 20/20 and unhappy sometimes face ridicule and disbelief and will sometimes cut themselves off from family and friends who are “sick of hearing about it”.

Cricket Power Play Rules for One Day Internationals (ODI)


Power play is a set of field restriction rules for ODI Cricket. The rule was introduced for the first time in the Match against England and Australia on 7th of July, 2005.

History of fielding restriction rules in ODI cricket:

In the past there were no fielding restrictions and the fielding captain could place his men anywhere in the cricket field. However, ICC for the first time introduced fielding restrictions in World Cup 1996 with great success. The rule was that for the first 15 overs of each inning of anODI game, the fielding team’s captain can only place two fielders outside a 30 yard circle measured with the batsman’s crease as the center and two men should be in catching positions. The idea was to give hard hitting batsmen an opportunity to hit out with a better chance of scoring a boundary than getting out in the process. The bigger picture was to make the game more interesting and exciting for the viewers.

The Power Plays:

In order to make ODIs even more exciting, ICC, in mid 2005 decided to amend the fielding restriction rules such the number of overs of fielding restrictions were increased from 15 to 20 overs. These 20 overs were divided into 3 parts called Power Play 1, 2 and 3.

Power Play 1:

The first 10 overs of each innings are the first of the three power plays. In these overs, the fielding team captain can only place two fielders outside a 30 yard circle measured with the batsman’s crease as the centre and two men should be in catching positions.

Power Play 2 and 3:

These two power plays were originally taken by the fielding team captain. Since 2008, a slight amendment has been made such that a one of the two power plays is taken by the fielding team captain while the other is taken by the batting team captain. Power plays 2 and 3 are 5 overs each and can be taken at any time after the first 10 overs (power play 1). If no team takes a power play then over 41 – 45 and 46 – 50 automatically become power plays. In these power plays the fielding team captain is allowed three feilders outside the 30 yard circle. There is no restriction for any fielder to be in a catching position.

Power plays are signaled by the on field umpire by moving his/her arm in a circular motion.

Future considerations about Power Play rules (at the time of writing):

It seems that there are plans to make more amendments to power play rules (actually ODIs in general) and in September 2009, Jhonty Rhodes (a former South African player largely famous because of his amazing fielding abilities) suggested that a rule should be made that all Power Plays should be taken by the 31st over and the rest of information over the scoring and team performance will be available in ipl 2020 schedule pdf download that can be downloaded from any website of ipl sponsors and not only that they can also avail the refer and earn scheme this time in which they will get the bonus . His motivation was that the last 20 overs of an ODI are bound to be exciting even without any Power Play.

Three Easy Yoga Stretches for an Aching Back: Part One


Modern lifestyles are hard on our bodies. Sitting at a desk all day, working a manual labor job or carrying around a heavy backpack can all put the strain on your spine. Back pain is no fun, especially when it interferes with your work and social life. So let’s explore some easy and convenient ways to stop the ache, and keep your back in great shape for years to come.

Hatha Yoga is a physical discipline originally used by Hindu Yogis to train themselves for long periods of meditation. Back pain specialist Austin tx really recommends this yoga for those people who are always suffering from back pain. Today it is used by millions of people worldwide to get in better shape or to treat a variety of physical ailments. Even western medicine has recognized the benefits of Hatha Yoga for the body. But how are we going to use yoga to prevent and cure your achy, painful back?

Using three convenient and easy poses, we are going to strengthen the muscles in your abdomen and lower back, decompress any pressure or tightness in your spine, and stretch the muscles and connective tissues of your back so they become more flexible. Since your back and abdomen muscles will be strengthened as a result of these poses, at the same time you are relieving tightness and pain your back will become more resilient against back pain. As always, if you have a medical condition please consult with your doctor, and if any serious pain occurs stop immediately and consult with your doctor. But enough already, let’s get on to the poses:

Raised Legs Pose (Utthanpadasana)

Lie face-up on the floor with your palms at your sides. As you breathe gently through your nostrils, raise your right leg as high as you can comfortably. Keep your leg straight and your foot relaxed, and don’t raise your left leg or tense it. Hold this position for three to five seconds as you hold your breath, then exhale and lower your leg back to the floor. Repeat this movement five times with each leg. Utthanpadasana will strengthen the muscles around your hips, in your abdomen and in your lower back.

Leg Lock Pose (Supta Pawanmuktasana)

Like down like you did in the previous exercise. Bend your knee and pull your right thigh to the chest, and clasp your leg just below the knee with both hands. Your fingers should be interlaced and your left leg should remain unmoved as before.

Holding this position, inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, filling your lungs as much as you can. Without exhaling, try to touch your right knee with your nose. Try to hold this position for three to five seconds, or as long as you comfortably can. Slowly exhale and return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise three times with each leg. Supta Pawanmuktasana will strengthen your lower back muscles and loosen the vertebrae in your spine.

Hare Pose (Shashankasana)

From a standing position, lower yourself onto your knees. Touch your knees and toes together, and lower your hips and buttocks between your heels, so that you are sitting on your feet. Raise your arms over your head as you inhale, making sure they are straight and your hands are flat.

As you exhale, slowly lower yourself forward until your hands are touching the floor and your stomach rests on your thighs. Without raising your buttocks, try to lower your forehead onto the ground. This position can be held for as long as you are comfortable, though thirty seconds to a minute are good lengths to start with. Repeat this position three to five times. When you are finished, try to stand slowly so that you don’t get lightheaded. Shashankasana will loosen any tightness or discomfort in your back and also stretch your back muscles soothingly.

As with any exercise or physical therapy program, consistency is very important. If you do these exercises as suggested three to seven days a week, you will be on the road to a pain-free, healthy back in no time. In part two of this article, we’ll cover some additional stretches that are more complex and supplement the basic poses we just learned.

How To Lose Weight Fast For That Reunion Or Wedding!


It happens to everyone; you have noticed that you have gained some extra pounds this winter. So what do you do when nothing fits and you have only got 30 days? You drop all of the habits that you have been living by and you start doing these things to lose weight and trim up in the short 30 days that you have. It is going to take some hard work and determination but it is only going to take a month for you to look the way you want.

  • First, you are going to want to get rid of all of the white starches in your home, and this is going to be all of the bread, pasta, cereals, and anything else that you have. After you toss all of them out, you are going to replace them with whole grain and whole wheat alternatives. This healthy alternative is packed with fiber, iron, and vitamin B, and they are going to do wonders for your body. Starches are processed and have all of the nutrients removed from them; plus they are full of sugars and empty calories.


  • You can try coolsculpting which is an effective way to get rid of your belly fat. Moreover, after this amazing procedure, you can follow all these steps to maximize its effect in case you are wondering what to do after coolsculpting for best results?
  • Next, you are going to start portioning out your foods, and eliminate your meals down to three a day, and only eat two snacks. Make sure that you try to get three different food groups into each meal, and that your sources of protein and grains are never larger than your fist. Try eliminating carbohydrates from grains after 3 pm, so your dinner will be only meat, vegetables, and fruits or dairy. Make sure that your snacks are never over 100 calories and never go over 1,400 calories a day.
  • Eliminate all beverages out of your diet except for water and one serving of coffee or tea. Drinking just a single serving of coffee or tea in the morning is not only going to get you going, but it is also going to help boost your metabolism. Carry a water bottle around with you during the day so you can refill it, and you won’t be tempted to head to the pop machine. This is going to allow you to eliminate tons of calories from your diet, and also eliminate bloating.
  • Hit the gym, even though you don’t want to. At least 4-5 days of cardiovascular activity is going to be necessary if you want to lose weight in 30 days, so do as much cardio as you can and minimal weights work. If you really want to drop the weight quickly, and then mix up your workout routine by hitting 20 minutes on the treadmill, then go do abs, and then go back and do 20 minutes on the elliptical. Run outside or do whatever you want to; you just have to do it for 30 days.

If you are capable of doing these things for 30 days, you are going to lose the weight that you need or want to for that special event. After the 30 days, you can continue to lose weight if you want, but this is going to get you down to a healthier weight. For additional help for that special day, sit in the sauna at your gym about 3-4 days before, and each day you are going to be sweating out water weight. You can also try things like spanks as well to help you drop an additional size. We all want to look good when we are around a ton of people, and doing these things is going to make you look fantastic.

Exploring the Top 5 Secret Florida Beaches


Florida is one of the top vacation spots in the United States. From the parties of Daytona Beach to the nightclubs of South Beach, Florida’s beaches are known worldwide. There are a few Florida beaches that have become famous, but there are hundreds more that are protected and kept secret by the locals because of their peaceful beauty. Here are five secret beaches that Florida natives keep in their back pocket while they allow all the tourists to flock to Spring Break.

Siesta Key:

This is a small island off of the coast of Sarasota. Siesta Key is a lost treasure that many tourists never get to explore. There is a wildlife preserve on the south end of the island, making traffic very light. It is located on the west coast of Florida, which makes the sunsets truly unforgettable. The sand in this area is very fine and soft. Unlike other beaches, there are no rocks and shells mixed in with the sand. Just north of Siesta Key is Lido Key and St. Armand’s Circle. This area boasts many laid back restaurants and shops, and if you are in the mood for nightlife, the city of Sarasota is right across the bridge.

Pass-a-Grille Beach:

The enclave of Pass-a-Grille is just south of St. Pete Beach. It is a small quiet little village that just happens to have one of the most beautiful beaches in Florida. The Gulf-Stream keeps the water warm and saphire blue. While sitting on the sands of Pass-a-Grille, one can see the enormous hotels and resorts of St. Pete, but enjoy the tranquility of not having thousands of people buzz around them. Just because Pass-a-Grille is small does not mean there is nothing to do. There are several shops and restaurants and a few hotels. The best tactic for a place to stay is to see if you can find a rental house or cottage. If you run out of things to do, Tampa is about a fifteen minute drive. You can drive off to explore on of Florida’s largest cities and return to your tropical paradise all in the same day.

Anna Maria Island:

This island is just north of Bradenton Beach. Anna Maria Island is a world within itself. There are many cultural events such as theater events and art galleries that are maintained by island locals. The sand is like white sugar and the warm blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico make it one of Florida’s premier beaches. Along with the gorgeous beaches, there are also several golf courses on the island such as River Run Golf course as well as the Arnold Palmer designed Legacy Gold Club at Lakewood Ranch. Anna Maria Island also offers several fishing charter boats that leave several times each day. If you’re interested in quality of life over the quality of parties, Anna Maria Island is the perfect designation.

Delray Beach:

This is in Palm Beach County, but if far from the pomp and circumstance of Palm Beach. Delray Beach has great sand and warm water that made Palm Beach County a world-class vacation spot. It isn’t as populated or ostentatious as many other areas in Palm Beach County. You can enjoy tranquility and occasionally catch a glimpse of a power-yacht cruising offshore. Downtown Delray Beach offers numerous quaint antique and craft shops. Also, you won’t go hungry, there are over fifty bars, cafes, and restaurants in town. Delray Beach is a small town that offers amenities such as museums, historical tours, and golf and tennis courses that are far above caliber for most towns its size. A company incentive travel program should cover all the destinations provided in the list. Any fault will be compensated in the account of the passengers. The passengers should be aware of the fact. 

Blue Mountain Beach:

This beach a part of Florida’s panhandle and is close to the city of Destin, FL. While Destin has exploded with the development of multi-million dollar homes, Blue Mountain Beach has remained quaint and relatively untouched. The oceans of this area are clean, clear, and warm. There aren’t any giant resorts in this area. In fact, the best bet to find a place to stay is to rent a cottage by the week. You also won’t find too much nightlife in Blue Mountain Beach. Many favorite activities of locals include tennis, golf, and turtle watching. If you get the urge to flex your party muscle, Panama City is about a twenty minute drive away. Blue Mountain Beach is the kind of place you want to go when you truly want to get away from the world and let the warm breeze and blue water wash your worries away.

Guess the Year — .Rick Springfield and REO Speedwagon Concert!


It seems so long ago now, as I am going to be 46 this year. Hard to believe it was 30 years ago that I saw my first concert. I am reminded of this, and many other fun times at concerts, now that my daughter is 16 and wanting to attend numerous concerts. The times have changed, the music has changed, kids have changed….but one thing that endures is teens love of music.

My mother drove me and my two friends to Providence, RI from Coventry, RI….we were three little country girls in the “big city” going by ourselves to see a concert at the Providence Civic Center. My mother and father were nervous, but decided that since I was going with two other friends we could watch out for the “hoodlums” that would be there (there would be many according to my Dad). I can remember getting dropped off at the front entrance and being so excited about seeing one of the biggest teen heart throbs of the time….RICK SPRINGFIELD. WOW….he was gorgeous!!!!

For those women my age reading this, you know what I mean! Rick was on General Hospital, which was also a huge hit during that time. As this was the days when you did not have cell phones to text with, computers to be social with, and MTV was just beginning (oh yeah and actually played videos)…many teen girls watched soap operas and dreamed! Many of us dreamed of Dr Noah Drake!!!

So back to the concert….we were so excited. The best part of it was that we had FLOOR seats! That’s right, we all thought maybe Rick would come running down the aisle and we would get a really close look at him. Again, very very excited. So we went into the venue and proceeded to show our tickets to the usher and were walked down to our seats. We were about in the middle of the floor, which was pretty good.

What made me nervous was that there was a huge crowd outside waiting to buy their tickets and I dreaded the moment when they would be out of stock and the crowd would go berserk, which has happened on numerous occasions at such concerts. There needs to be a ticket management system documentation to look into such issues.

The atmosphere was electric…the Civic Center was filled with screaming teen girls and teen guys who had taken their girlfriends to the concert. The other band that was playing was REO Speedwagon and they were pretty popular at that time as well. I am sure that many guys wanted to go see them and their girlfriends wanted to see Rick Springfield. We could not wait until the lights went down and the music started.

As soon as the lights dimmed….the shrill of thousands of teen girls screaming filled the air. We were among the loudest, at least I thought so. We began to jump and one of my friends was even crying! It was apparent that we would have to stand on the chairs if we wanted to catch a glimpse of Rick Springfield…so we did just that. Everyone was singing songs throughout the performance, and then the best song…all of the audience was singing along with Rick Springfield to “Jessie’s Girl”. I was wishing I was her!

Quick At Home Method For Stopping Nose Bleeds


It seems like everyone at some point or another gets a bloody nose. Regardless of the cause, you still need to know how to stop the bleeding until a physician can be contacted. For hemophiliacs, this can be a life-threatening problem, and this is something that everyone should know how to do. If you think a broken bone or a dislocation may have caused it, you should always contact a doctor or emergency room to have a consultation. Finding ways to stop nose bleeds is like finding a quality doctor who specializes in rhinoplasty to fix the botched nose job. To complete this at home, you will need a pair of scissors, cotton balls and a roll or pad of gauze.

To start you will want to pull apart a cotton ball so it isn’t a ball anymore. Instead, it should look like two individual pieces of cotton. Fray the ends of it into a fuzzy halo between two fingers. Now you want to take each piece and roll it in your fingers until it looks like a pencil eraser and is very hard in texture.

Now you will want to cut 2 pieces of gauze off your roll, into 2 two-inch squares. Put one of the small cotton balls into the center of the piece of gauze and roll them into tiny, hard balls that resemble an aspirin.

Now squeeze the gauze ball between your fingers so that it will fit into the bleeding nostril of the nose. You only want to place it far enough into the nose so you cannot see it hanging out of the nostril. Now you need to pinch the nose at the bridge, with medium pressure. Tilt the head backwards so the chin is not parallel with the floor, but is at a 90-degree angle with the floor. If you hold the pinch on the bridge of the nose for about 1 minute, the bleeding should cease. If you have bleeding from both nostrils, the other piece of gauze and cotton ball should be used in it. If the bleeding is bad enough in one nostril, you can always use the other in this nostril instead.

Using the pinch method and packing the nose should stop any minor bleeding due to a busted nose or heat induced bleeding. If this is not the case, and a broken or dislocated nose is suspected, you will need to contact a doctor immediately, as there is no at home fix for this condition. If you try this method and bleeding still occurs, try again and hold the pinch for 3 minutes. When bleeding persists after a 5-minute interval with no signs of stopping, you should always seek professional help as soon as possible. This can be caused by many different things, and you should not try to diagnose the problem at home, as serious bleeding conditions could persist. I am not a doctor, and have no medical training. These are just tips that I have picked up over the years that seem to work for me and those I know.

How I (May Have) Bought a Dog from a Puppy Mill


All the pets in our household, even those from my childhood, had come from the shelter until, as an “empty nester,” I became obsessed with the idea of adopting a Shih tzu. Actually, my obsession didn’t start as a desire for a specific breed. I wanted a small, quiet dog who didn’t shed, didn’t need a huge backyard, and would be easy to travel with and one that I could bond deeply with. The Shih tzu breed fit all of my needs and when I saw how completely adorable they were, well, I was sold. Literally. I had never owned a pure bred dog before and though I had no interest in breeding, it became my mission to have a pure Shih tzu.

Months after finding my perfect little canine companion I began to worry that I might have purchased him from a puppy mill. My dog was clean and healthy and came with papers that I assumed were AKC papers, but on closer inspection were not. Other small details began to nag at me and the more I learned about how puppy mills operated the more suspicious I became. I was completely inexperienced in the world of pure breeds, and I let my obsession lead me blindly into making an emotional decision without asking the important questions.

I cherished my furry guy and was thankful for him, but I felt terribly guilty to think I may have supported one of those horrific places with my money. At the time there wasn’t yet that much information about puppy mills, but that was no excuse. I should have done more research about locating and buying a pure breed dog and I didn’t. Different breeds information are available at online sites, check it out to gather knowledge about the shelter and food of the breed. The buying of the pure meal will keep the dog healthy and fit for long period. 

Today I’m still not certain if my dog was born in a puppy mill, but I know that it’s a mistake I’ll never make again. If you’re looking for your first pure-bred dog and are not sure how to avoid making a puppy mill purchase, take a look at the following guidelines before you fall in love with that adorable face:

  • See the puppy’s home and meet his mother. Reputable breeders encourage home visits. Often both parents will be on site for you to meet.   
  • Ask the breeder for references and call them. Ask if the puppies they purchased had any health problems and if the adoption process went smoothly. 
  • If you can’t visit the kennel, find out how many different types of dogs the organization breeds and how many litters they care for at once. An operation that deals with many different breeds and many litters at a time may not be giving all of their dogs proper care and attention. 
  • Get a written health guarantee. A verbal agreement is useless no matter how reputable you think a breeder is. A guarantee with a minimum of 10 days to cover contagious or hereditary illnesses is standard.
  • Ask to see proof that the breeder is USDA certified. A USDA seal is not a foolproof guarantee that a breeding facility does not violate the Animal Welfare Act, but it is one more step the consumer can take to avoid doing business with a disreputable breeder.

Pure-bred dogs are costly, and it’s tempting to do business with the breeder that charges the least amount of money for the puppy of your dreams. But dogs bred in puppy mills are often sickly and suffer from hereditary diseases due to poor breeding practices. If that low-cost puppy comes from a mill there’s a good chance that you will incur veterinarian bills that far exceed any savings you enjoyed. Of course, as an animal lover your expenses are secondary to the abusive conditions and neglect dogs suffer in a breeding mill.

If you suspect you’ve encountered a puppy mill, contact your local shelter or SPCA. By putting a puppy mill out of business you’ll be rescuing dozens,maybe hundreds, of innocent lives.

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