How To Plan Your First Date


First of all, I’m going to assume that you have asked someone out on a date already. This article will detail exactly what you should do ahead of time to prepare for your first date.

For instance, you’ll first want to contemplate exactly what you know about this person. Does your date dress well? If so, then you should consider going for a shopping spree with him/her at the mall. Did you date mention any interests like tennis? You both could go play a game of tennis at your local civic center. Once you have a couple of these ideas, narrow down exactly how the date will progress. I like to go for coffee, go for a mini-shopping spree at the mall, and then get some ice cream. Then, depending on how things are going (you’ll be able to tell if your date likes you or not), invite your date back to your place for a movie.

Next, you should consider what you want to wear. Again, depending on where you two will be going, you should consider the dress code. In general, you should wear nice things, but you don’t want to be overdressed. On dates, I often wear a cool button-up shirt, designer jeans, and very nice shoes. Believe me, it is true what they say about women noticing your shoes. If you cannot afford new, nice clothes, at least purchase some very nice shoes. Your date will notice them. Also, make sure to have a nice haircut as well as to shower thoroughly. Nobody likes someone that smells bad.

You should also mentally prepare for the date. Think about funny stories that you could tell your date. However, make sure they are not too gross or weird as this will give your date the wrong impression about you. You should also think ahead about interesting questions to ask your date. Asking questions regarding things like weight, annual income, and previous sexual partners should be avoided. I like to ask about my date’s dreams, hobbies, and even her favorite color.

Lastly, you should call your date and make sure that he/she is still going to meet up at the designated place and time. It is a huge waste of your time to get all dressed and ready for the date, only to find out that your date didn’t even show up. By calling ahead, you will minimize the chance that he/she will stand you up. Further, it will show your date that you are interested in him/her and your date will appreciate this. Nothing is worse than going on a first date and finding out that your date isn’t really that interested in you.

With these tips, you should be more than prepared for a romantic and successful first date.

Remember that first dates are the first step on the ladder and if you want it to become a success, be sure to adhere to the aforementioned tips without fail and never apply your own mind and make up things on your own because if you do, everything will go down the drain and not even the Free Dating App can help you out of the mess.

Great Birthday Party Idea For Boys Ages 4 And Up


My older girls and I pondered what to do for a theme for my 5 year old son’s birthday this year, then we suddenly had a brainstorm. Something we had never done before. A robot party! The activities for the event were so much fun for my older girls as well as myself to plan and put together, I just had to share! It started out with the great old standby, musical chairs, followed by “Pin the Battery on the Robot, which was great fun to put together, then the “Robot Wrap”. I’ll explain all of these activities more in detail.

Pin The Battery on the Robot

Getting this activity prepared was was a blast for my 15 year old as well as my 11 year old girls. First, they cut out the robot head, body, arms and legs from some cardboard from around the house. Then, they taped all the robot’s parts together with duct tape so it would stay secure. After that, they wrapped the entire robot in aluminum foil. Once that was finished they put all the finishing touches on. Out of construction paper they made his eyes, mouth, and on his body they included lots of different colored circles in rows for the robot’s control panel. Each button on the control panel was labeled for a specific task like, backward and forward. It also included labels for specific body parts such a left arm, right arm, and left and right legs as well. To finish it off, they used a black marker to draw a rectangle onto the robot’s body as the spot for pinning the battery on the robot. Once that was completed, they made a battery from cardboard, then glued on black construction paper cut to fit the cardboard. Next they glued velcro to it’s backside, as well as to the rectangular spot that the battery was to be pinned to already drawn on the robot’s body. Voila, There you have it. Just tape it up on the wall and let the kids have a blast!

Robot Wrap

This is a really fun activity and it was this activity that swayed my son from wanting a Chuck E Cheese party to doing this party instead. Its the same concept as the mummy wrap done at Halloween parties only you use aluminum foil to wrap the kids in rather than toilet paper. What a blast everyone had doing this! We coupled everyone up. Beforehand we had made large sheets of aluminum foil from an industrial sized roll. Each couple got one sheet for the body, each arm, each leg, the body and head. Make sure to make the pieces of foil larger than what you actually need for good tight crimping so it stays on well, over doing it won’t hurt! Then the pairs of kids took turns wrapping each other with the foil. A couple pairs were very creative with their head pieces which made things interesting. One of my oldest daughters was the judge and she found it really hard to pick the winner, all of them were so cute! Everyone will have a lot of fun with this activity, trust me!

The Robot Dance Contest

To wrap up the games we ended with a robot dance contest. We played music that sounded similar to what a robot would sound like, I let my older girls decide what those songs should be. All the kids tried so hard to impress the judge with their moves it was really hard for me as the judge to pick the winner.

The cake was homemade, and was made into a robot as well. My husband made this tried to tie it in to looking similar to the robot that was made for “Pin the Battery on the Robot”. He was shaped like a robot with white frosting. Then we made his control panel and face from candy Jujubees, Crows, and small cinnamon candy. This cake really turned out great and my son couldn’t stop talking about it!

This party theme was a winner for us, I know it will be for anyone else who wants to try it too! Have fun!

For children, birthday parties are an occasion of celebration where they can frolic around with no worries and the one where their parents do not restrain them from doing anything that the please but leave them out to enjoy this moment that comes but once a year, speaking of which, it has become all the more difficult to envisage birthday party ideas for each year because kids’ demands keep on increasing as they grow up and they want their birthdays to be grander and grander every year so you can imagine the plight of parents in thinking up innovative stuff for the sake of their child’s happiness.

Ladies: Watch Your Handbags at Panera Bread!


Dining at a Panera Bread in Moorestown NJ a thief had the guts to rob me of five credit cards!

While my companion was waiting for our sandwiches, I was getting two fountain drinks from the drink stand. My handbag was over my shoulder and tucked a bit behind my back so that it would not get in my way. The thief took my wallet out of my handbag while it was on my shoulder! She took out five major credit cards and placed my wallet back in my bag all without me knowing! This took some talent. This is where you can get bags from Luxurytastic that are theft-proof and can be used in order to prevent such incidents. Moreover, you get designer bags at really affordable prices making them quite lucrative. If you are thinking is luxurytastic legit? Then the answer is YES. It is a completely legal platform form which you can buy bags and much more. 

I am usually pretty savvy. I do not put my bag on the back of my chair. I do not leave it on the floor of the movie theater. I have watched the Dateline shows highlighting scammers and pickpockets. I never thought it would happen to me!

The genius behind the robber’s plan was placing my wallet back in my bag. I would have noticed that my bag was lighter if the whole wallet was gone. I went on to eat my sandwich and enjoy my company. I got back in my car and went on my merry way. When I returned home, FOUR HOURS LATER, there was a message on my machine from one of my credit card companies telling me that they suspect fraud. I went to check my card number to see if it matched the number on the message and that’s when I noticed my cards were gone! I went into panic mode calling all of my credit card companies canceling my cards and checking charges. The robber spent $5000 in under an hour. Do you know how long it takes me to earn $5000???? Think about it. How much do you have to work to earn $5000??? A month??? They spent that in under an hour! Who says crime doesn’t pay!

When I called the police they told me that because of its layout, Panera Bread is a known pickpocket hot spot. The thief took my cards and went directly next door and purchased electronics from Circuit City. They were even nice enough to buy the $300 extended warranty. Now I know who buys extended warranties; people with stolen credit cards. They continued on their crime spree charging items in four other stores. The cop said that all of the charges were made before I even finished my sandwich.

The royal pain in the butt is that one of the cards used was my debit card and they spent close to $2000 on that card. Although I am protected from these charges there is a review time before the money gets credited back to my account. The bank tells me that it can take up to 60 days. Meanwhile, my mortgage is due, my daycare expenses are due, my electric bill is due and I am out $2000 in my bank account for “up to” 60 days! That bites! Whatever happened to being innocent until proven guilty? When it comes to credit card fraud, you are guilty until they can prove you innocent.

Help for the Overwhelmed Housewife


So it is noon and you are still wearing your pajamas, the breakfast dishes are crowding last night’s dinner dishes in the sink, the laundry is overflowing, toys are covering every square inch of carpet, and you just discovered that your kids are finger painting the living room window with peanut butter (there goes lunch).

Ever have one of those days?

“Ha!” you think. “I’ve had more than one of those days.” Those days that you just cannot seem to get it together and, although you love staying home with your children, those days you just want to lock yourself in your bedroom and cry. For all of you frazzled moms out there, take heart, and while you are at it, take a coffee break. There’s hope. No matter that you can’t even find the laundry detergent at the moment, you can have an orderly home, and your kids can have a sane mommy! It will take some work, but if you follow these tips you will see improvement in no time!

Attend to your attitude. There is nothing that will help or hinder you more in your housework each day than your attitude. Take a minute to breathe deeply and think optimistically about the work ahead. If you view duty negatively, you will be less inclined to get it done! I look forward to the positive results of working hard – cleanliness, organization, calm atmosphere, and a sense of accomplishment!

Evaluate your priorities. You might start thinking of countless jobs that need to be done, but remember to start with the basics. Make a list of several chores that need to be done in order of importance. Polishing your great-grandmother’s silver is probably less urgent than the fact that your husband has no clean socks! You can’t go wrong with starting out with laundry and dishes.

Set realistic goals. Be sure not to bite off too much at once. Focus on a few necessary tasks and plug away at them. It might be a good idea to plan on organizing one room a day. It is better to accomplish a little bit every day, rather than trying to clean your entire house and giving up in the process.

Start the night before. No one likes to wake up to a mess. Before going to bed, pick up those toys, straighten those magazines, and put away those dishes. You will be much more motivated the next day to keep things clean if you start out the morning with a clean home.

Commit to a few chores every day. Consistency is key. Consider making yourself a schedule that lists a few chores for you to do every day of the week, besides the daily necessities like dishes. For instance, Monday might be ironing and dusting day, Tuesday vacuum and mop day, etc. This can serve as a guide to helping you stay on top!

Use your time wisely. Learn to utilize snippets of time you didn’t know you had. If the family is watching a movie, fold some laundry while sitting on the couch. If your kids are doing homework at the kitchen table, wipe down the counters and scrub that pot you left in the sink. At the end of the day, you will be surprised at how much you were able to get done!

Get going! Don’t wait till you feel like cleaning or straightening. Roll up your sleeves and go for it! You will be glad you did. Another thing that as a mother you should be taking care of is the growth of mold in your house. You should remove mold from your home as soon as you detect one. There are professional services that you can hire or you can even use some common household items to prevent its growth and keeping your house free from molds. 

All About Laser Hair Removal: Is It Really Worth It?


Unwanted hair is something most of us are bothered by. People, mostly women, are very particular about underarm hair and hair on legs and arms and for that they go through a lot of painful procedures to make sure that that hair is gone.

Waxing, threading, shaving and hair removal creams- tried them all? But still finding yourself visiting the salon every 2 weeks? If that’s the case, then you might consider going for a laser hair removal procedure.

What is laser hair removal?

As the name suggests, laser rays are used for this procedure. You can say that it is a great solution to get smooth, hair-free skin. Laser hair removal can be done on any part of the body and its a very good semi-permanent way to get hair removal. Basically, the treatment targets the hair follicles and destroys them. It also targets the melanin of the hair and makes the new hair lighter and less coarse. The laser helps in substantialdecrease in the rough terminal hair of the body. It slows down the growth of the hair follicles of the targeted area. The equipment and machine are chosen on the basis of the hair density and skin type of the person. It differs for everyone. Some people worry about skin burn but that shouldn’t happen if you choose a clinic that’s experienced. Cooling systems are installed in the machines and appropriate gels are used to make sure such things don’t occur. This is a cosmetic procedure and takes a few sessions to get it done properly. You can say goodbye to coarse hair growth and shaving for 6 to 12 months, depending on the procedure.

What are the advantages of laser hair removal?

Threading, waxing and shaving, along with hair removal creams may work. But that’s extremely temporary and comes with a couple of side effects, in most cases. Here are the pros of going for laser hair removal-

  • It is almost painless. Even if you feel a bit of tingle in your first procedure, the sensation will lessen to nothing as your sessions progress.
  • Its effects last longer. Imagine not having to touch a razor for a year. That’s how effective a good set of sessions can be. Its a semi-permanent way to remove hair. (electrolysis is the only FDA- approved permanent hair removal procedure that exists)
  • You may think that it is expensive. But if you consider all the regular parlour appointments, the amount of money you spend on razors, waxing strips and soothing lotions, then you will see that you are actually saving money through laser hair removal. Think of it as a long-term investment.

  • If you go to a reputed clinic and get the procedure done through someone who is knowledgeable, skilled and experienced in this field, then you won’t suffer from any kind of side effects. No more sore skin rashes or coarse hair bumps.
  • The hair removal done through laser treatment is very precise. The best thing is that you can get hair removed from anywhere- hands, legs, face, underarms and also your bikini area.
  • The process is actually pretty speedy as compared to the amount of time you spend waxing.

Always choose a reputed source

These are some great reasons why you should consider laser hair removal. Just make sure than when you choose your clinic or equipment, you do your research. It should be a licensed clinic. Read up user reviews and check the certification of the staff. A reputed and professional laser hair removal clinic has many happy customers. You can discover the best light hair removal devices in Best Sellers if you want to try it out.

So, say goodbye to unwanted hair and show off your smooth skin today, with laser hair removal.

How to Start Your Own Patio or Porch Garden


Many people like the looks of flowers growing on their porches and patios. Other people have no other choices in places to grow flowers. These people may have no yards to grow flowers or to make any gardens. Then there are the people who just love flowers so much that they want to grow them in their yards and on their patio or porches. As you are done with the installation of the best outdoor sectional sofa sets, now is the time that you start investing your time with your porch garden. With just a few simple steps you can be a proud owner of a beautiful porch garden. 

Growing flowers on your porch isn’t a really hard thing to do. Your flowers, of course, will need care and attendance, sometimes more so than the flowers in your yard. But with a little bit of thinking and studying, you can easily learn how to take care of these flowers and plants and have your porch looking beautiful in no time.

Here are some tips that I have found handy.

First, consider what type of container you want to use for your flowers. You can use hanging baskets, pots that will sit on a table or railing or even trays. Remember to buy your containers a little bigger than the plants you plan on using. Hopefully, your plants will live all season long, this means they will be getting bigger and will need room to grow, especially their roots.

Now get some really good soil to use in planting your flowers. Your flowers won’t be getting any extra nourishment from the ground, so you will have to give it a rich base soil. You can even buy potting soils now that come with added vitamins and nutrients that your plants need, as well as fertilizer.

Of course, the fun part is picking out the kinds of flowers to plant. You can plant many kinds of flowers in pots or planters on your porch. Before you buy the flowers, you should consider how much sun your patio or porch may get. Some flowers need more sun than others and some flowers can tolerate the sun better. When you go to buy the flowers, check to see if they come with a guide sheet or little sticker that tells whether they tolerate full sun, shade or partial sun and shade.

Remember when you start to plant your flowers, it is best to squeeze the root area a little, allowing the dirt to loosen up a bit. This helps the roots to grow faster in their new home.

Some people will choose a corner of a patio and porch or use this as their central area for their plants, grouping plants of different sizes in different style containers together. You can even decorate the dirt area by adding colorful rocks to the top of your soil.

You can come up with many unique looks to your new patio or porch garden. It just takes a bit of imagination and a little bit of work.

Window Treatment Ideas For Difficult Rooms


Windows vary drastically from small square cottage designs to large landscapes, making it necessary to investigate a range of window treatment ideas for every placement situation.

Not only does your window treatment have to complement its window, but treatments can be used to disguise problems such as mismatched windows grouped in pairs, windows situated too close to a wall or ceiling, or those placed in difficult locations such as stairwells or small entryways.

When considering different window treatment ideas, keep in mind that the proportions of your window might ultimately decide which design you choose, as you never want a window treatment that will impede your window.

There are not too many reliable window cleaning service in leeds so you don’t know where and whom to turn for treatment measures and there is a good chance that they might not be up to the job because most of them are quite slow on their output and choosing the design itself might take a long time, so they have no choice but to simply bide their time.

A matched pair of windows: your best bet for any type of window treatment; use identical designs on each one and treat the pair as a set. Try a long pole with three curtain panels hanging from it for something unique.

A mismatched pair of windows: the same window treatment should be used on both, but place the headings at the same heights even if one window is lower or smaller. To camouflage the extra space, simply carry the fabric down a little further.

Sliding doors: generally treated as one large window, be sure that any hanging window treatments do not obstruct the door’s ability to slide along its track. Try decorative tie-backs and sashes to keep drapes contained.

One window per wall: an ideal situation, open for experimentation with different window treatment ideas. Your only concern is not to overload the window too much; try sheer panels or skip the drapes in favor of a simple valance.

One recessed window: never affix the window treatment to the wall, as this sets the window even farther away from its framing decoration. Skip drapes to maximize the light factor and choose a small, thin panel attached to the window frame.

Window next to a wall: presents an asymmetrical design situation. Try a single voile panel with a decorative heading to draw the eye upwards. For something different, accent the off-center look by pulling the panel to one side with a tie.

Window next to the ceiling: attach any support or headings to the ceiling and hang all panels or drapes from that.

Window above furniture or fixture: if the piece is the same width of the window, floor-length drapes can still be used. Otherwise, it might be best to use sill-length curtains or skip the drapes in favor of a valance or panel.

Window in a stairwell: keep window treatments short and simple; try a decorative curtain rod with a short panel or a single curtain draped and looped over the rod. Steer clear of hanging panels and drapery as this might obstruct passage on the stairs.

What Are The 3 Diy Facials For Stressed Out Skin?


All of that extra time in the sun, a lack of sleep, and even a poor diet can stress out your skin. If your skin is starting to break out or appears inflamed and irritated, treat yourself to an at-home facial using ingredients from your fridge and pantry. Your skin readily absorbs nutrients and compounds found in certain types of fruits and fresh vegetables – and you don’t have to eat them to enjoy the benefit! A DIY facial made with fresh ingredients could be all it takes to restore that radiant glow and de-stress troubled skin.

Here are three DIY facials for restoring stressed out skin:

Strawberry Acne Facial

Strawberry is a natural source of salicylic acid, the same compound you find in many acne cleansers and topical treatments. If your skin is breaking out or you’re struggling with mild acne, make a strawberry face mask using equal parts fresh strawberries and yogurt. Yogurt soothes the skin upon contact so it will relieve inflammation or aggravated skin. The salicylic acid in the strawberries will help to break up those clogged pores and kill acne-causing bacteria triggering breakouts. Just leave the mixture on your face for about five to eight minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water.

Honey and Oatmeal Facial

If your skin is especially parched, dry, and flaky this season, treat yourself to a moisturizing face mask made with honey and oatmeal. Just two tablespoons of honey mixed with three egg whites and a tablespoon of oatmeal is all you need to create a thick, moisture-infusing paste for your entire face and neck area. Apply the mixture all over your face and let it set for about 10 minutes until it dries slightly. Rinse with lukewarm water or remove with a warm towel, then follow up with a toner and a good moisturizer to seal in the effects of the mask.

Avocado and Carrot Cleansing Facial

When your skin’s looking a little ruddy and less than radiant, prepare a rich cleansing mask that will purify your pores and restore that radiant glow. Avocados are a good source of natural moisturizers and can really help to rehydrate parched skin. Carrots are loaded with vitamin C and can help to restore the skin and make it glow. Just boil a medium carrot until soft, and mash it with some ripe avocado. Add a tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil to the mix for an extra boost of moisture, then apply this mixture to your face. You’ll want to leave this one on for at least 20 minutes for it to work. Rinse off with warm water, then tone and moisturize as usual. Along with the facial, Botox can be utilized to help change the shape of the nose. Nose is an important sense organ for the human body. The appearance of the face will be excellent through the Botox.

LASIK – What Surgeons Might Not Tell You


LASIK and other corneal refractive procedures (PRK, RK) have popularized to the point that most people either know someone who’s had the procedure, or have had the procedure themselves. For the most part these procedures are successful and life-changing in the positive direction, reducing or eliminating the dependence on glasses or contact lenses for vision. However, about three percent suffer from visual complications that are not regarded as official “complications”, but can be life-altering in a negative way. Patients are often left with excessively dry eyes and visual phenomena that interfere with daily activities. Sometimes these problems cause patients to drastically alter the way they live their lives, and in rare cases have been the cause of suicide.

What are these visual disturbances? When discussing these issues, it is important to remember that refractive surgeons measure success according to the Snellen chart: the letter chart on the wall in the eye doctor’s office that measures visual acuity. Visual acuity is the 20/20, 20/30, etc that is often referenced in studies. FDA submissions for lasers tout their “20/40 or better” statistics, for example, because 20/40 vision is generally the acceptable level of vision for driving without corrective lenses in most states. What is often not discussed is visual acuity references “quantity” of vision…how many letters can be read on a given line. It’s the “quality” of that vision that can disrupt patients’ post-operative lives.

Many times these patients can make out the 20/20 line. Perfect, according to their eye doctor. Their refraction, or eyeglass prescription, is zero or close to it. A perfect result, no complications. And yet you will hear this person say, “But it isn’t a CLEAR 20/20”. You’ll hear the patient say the letters are “smeary”, or that they aren’t “crisp”. Sometimes the complaints are about night vision…arcing from lights, haloes around the moon or headlights, and starbursting in many different lighting situations. It can be so bad that patients choose not to drive at night, or are forced into not driving at night. Yet no glasses can help. Why?

These patients suffer from what is known as “higher order aberrations”. “Lower order aberrations” are what traditionally has been corrected by glasses and contact lenses…the defocus (nearsightedness or farsightedness) and astigmatism with which most are familiar. “Higher order aberrations” are what is left over when these two are taken out of the picture. The eye is not a perfect optical system and virtually everyone has higher order aberrations to some degree. Refractive surgery patients who are having visual difficulty exhibit higher order aberrations to an often extraordinary degree, and the aberrations increase as the pupil gets larger, which explains the higher incidence of complaints at night.

Why these are bothersome to some patients and not to others is not clear. For those who are greatly inconvenienced, many avenues for correction are sought. Some undergo additional laser procedures to correct the residual problems. Some develop very thin corneas that can only be treated with a penetrating keratoplasty, or corneal transplant. Some even have laser treatment OVER a corneal transplant. Some seek contact lens solutions. Studies suggest that large gas-permeable lenses offer these patients a good chance at reduction of their higher order aberrations and a return to a somewhat normal existence. These results of studies should be made known to the public through plastic surgery sales and marketing.

The vision can never be restored to pre-surgical levels. It can be improved and many patients tolerate these lenses well. Issues can arise because it takes a great deal of expertise to fit these lenses properly, and fabricate them to specifically fit each patient. There are also challenges because there are not many eye care practitioners who have a great interest in helping post-refractive patients. Often the problems are simply not understood…why would a person who’s seeing 20/20 be unhappy? There is much more to the story than just “20/20”. Since visual acuity is the only widely accepted measure of vision, it’s the easiest to report, and the easiest to understand. Patients who are 20/20 and unhappy sometimes face ridicule and disbelief and will sometimes cut themselves off from family and friends who are “sick of hearing about it”.

Cricket Power Play Rules for One Day Internationals (ODI)


Power play is a set of field restriction rules for ODI Cricket. The rule was introduced for the first time in the Match against England and Australia on 7th of July, 2005.

History of fielding restriction rules in ODI cricket:

In the past there were no fielding restrictions and the fielding captain could place his men anywhere in the cricket field. However, ICC for the first time introduced fielding restrictions in World Cup 1996 with great success. The rule was that for the first 15 overs of each inning of anODI game, the fielding team’s captain can only place two fielders outside a 30 yard circle measured with the batsman’s crease as the center and two men should be in catching positions. The idea was to give hard hitting batsmen an opportunity to hit out with a better chance of scoring a boundary than getting out in the process. The bigger picture was to make the game more interesting and exciting for the viewers.

The Power Plays:

In order to make ODIs even more exciting, ICC, in mid 2005 decided to amend the fielding restriction rules such the number of overs of fielding restrictions were increased from 15 to 20 overs. These 20 overs were divided into 3 parts called Power Play 1, 2 and 3.

Power Play 1:

The first 10 overs of each innings are the first of the three power plays. In these overs, the fielding team captain can only place two fielders outside a 30 yard circle measured with the batsman’s crease as the centre and two men should be in catching positions.

Power Play 2 and 3:

These two power plays were originally taken by the fielding team captain. Since 2008, a slight amendment has been made such that a one of the two power plays is taken by the fielding team captain while the other is taken by the batting team captain. Power plays 2 and 3 are 5 overs each and can be taken at any time after the first 10 overs (power play 1). If no team takes a power play then over 41 – 45 and 46 – 50 automatically become power plays. In these power plays the fielding team captain is allowed three feilders outside the 30 yard circle. There is no restriction for any fielder to be in a catching position.

Power plays are signaled by the on field umpire by moving his/her arm in a circular motion.

Future considerations about Power Play rules (at the time of writing):

It seems that there are plans to make more amendments to power play rules (actually ODIs in general) and in September 2009, Jhonty Rhodes (a former South African player largely famous because of his amazing fielding abilities) suggested that a rule should be made that all Power Plays should be taken by the 31st over and the rest of information over the scoring and team performance will be available in ipl 2020 schedule pdf download that can be downloaded from any website of ipl sponsors and not only that they can also avail the refer and earn scheme this time in which they will get the bonus . His motivation was that the last 20 overs of an ODI are bound to be exciting even without any Power Play.

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