Which Company You Should Use to Help Market Your Direct Selling Company


Many of us run home based businesses, or sell products for numerous companies. One of the biggest keys to growing our business is marketing, getting our name out there so people know what we do. We throw home parties, online parties, pass out fliers and business cards, and do numerous other things. An increasing trend is giving out samples of your product, which has produced two companies that deal specifically in samples. These companies are The Sample Bag and The Sample Gal. First, I’ll review The Sample Bag, then The Sample Gal, and finally do a review of both companies customer service and and ability to make sure your product gets out to those who would use it. The selection of the SEO expert specialist based in San Diego can be made through the business person. The method of direct selling will be beneficial for internet marketing for the business firms. 

The Sample Bag’s strongest point is that it has numerous types of bags. They have holiday themed bags, bags for men and women, decorative bags, bags that you can reuse, product themed bags, and many more. To get your product in The Sample Bag, they have a rather long list of requirements when compared to The Sample Gal. First, you pay a $30 yearly fee that guarantees that they will only have a maximum of 3 consultants from 1 company, and that you will be one of them. You must send in 20 samples every month with a business card attached to every sample. Also, by signing up to get your products in the bags, you also have to agree to be a representative for The Sample Bag. Becoming a representative requires a minimum of $55 in sales every month in order to receive a commission. Your commission is 20% from personal sales, you also receive 20% of personal purchases, as well as 20% off their representative kits. Also, for each representative that signs up under you, you receive $1. (However you do not receive a commission on sales made by that representative.) The Sample Bag offers a sellers only program where you do not have to send in samples. The cost is $15 a year, you must sell at least 22 bags quarterly, and you receive the same commission and discount as a representative. Both of these come with an affiliate website, a yahoo group, toolbar, marketing materials for your own personal sites, as well as several other ways to connect with other representatives or sellers. Also, your personal website and business will receive a spot on their sponsors page.

The Sample Gal is more simple than The Sample Bag, as it only has 2 boxes. Both are for women, one is a simple sample box with 15-20 different samples in it, the other is focused on bath and beauty products. With The Sample Gal, you have two options as well. The first is becoming a sponsor. This is where you simply send in samples of your products to go in one of their sample boxes. They do have a minimum, you must send in at least 20 samples at a time, however there is no deadline. (So you can send in samples once every 3 months if you desire.) Additionally, there is no cost to become a sponsor. The Sample Gal does not guarantee that there will not be more than 3 representatives from the same company, however they will not send 2 samples from the same company in a box. Your samples are put in rotation immediately, and they do require a business card or brochure so that the person receiving the box can contact you if they are interested in your product. You can sign up to be a Sample Gal consultant, which means you would also sell The Sample Gal boxes. The Sample Gal sells their boxes in “campaigns”, or 150 boxes every 2 weeks. Your options to sell the boxes are very flexible. You can sell them your own personal website, online parties, Ebay, home parties, or even fliers. They have two different consultant levels. As a sample consultant you earn 10% commission on your own personal sales, a free website, and your commission is paid via paypal. The cost to become a sample consultant is $10, and you have no monthly minimums. The sample consultant receives a sample promo kit that includes 1 flyer, 1 thank you card, and 1 post card. If you’re more serious, you can choose to be a basic consultant, which costs $25. This also comes with a free website, your commission is paid via paypal, but you receive a 25% commission on your own personal sales as well as a 10% commission on your team’s sales and purchases (those you enroll). The promo kit for a basic consultant includes 2 flyers, 10 non-custom business cards, 1 thank you card, and 1 post card.

I also decided to test each companies products. On July 22nd I ordered both a Sample Bag and Sample Gal box. The cost of the Sample Gal box was $15 including shipping, the cost of the Sample Bag was $20.99. I received my Sample Gal box within 5 days of ordering it. I was contacted by the company to make sure I received my box and was happy with my purchase within 1 week of receiving the box. The box was full of numerous useful things, ranging from soap and skin care products, to cat nip and hair ties. I have yet to actually receive my Sample Bag. Unfortunately, their customer service has been very poor. I sent an e-mail inquiring about my Sample Bag on August 20th, the reply was very unprofessional. I then asked for my order to be canceled and for a refund of my money, which I received no response too. I am now being forced to dispute the charge on my credit card because I have received no contact from the company in regards to my order or canceling it (despite another attempt at trying to get information on the order and if it had been canceled). The website says that the bag may take up to 3 weeks to receive due to the popularity of the product. However, I found out that it’s because the person in charge of sending out the original Sample Bag’s is simply not sending them out. The company contacted me asking how I enjoyed my order a little over 3 weeks after it shipped, which I replied to and let them know I had never received it. I did not receive a response which led to further e-mails through their contact e-mail. So, as for overall service, I will have to give The Sample Bag a very poor rating, while The Sample Gal was excellent!

In conclusion, after looking at each companies business model, your ability to get your product out with each company, and how quick they are with getting your product out I believe that your best option would be The Sample Gal. They are fast, reliable, less expensive, require no yearly cost to send in samples, as well as no monthly minimums, and their customer service was fantastic. SEO expert specialist based in San Diego r

DIY Princess Bed Headboard And Footboard Project


This princess bed headboard and footboard project is a fun and easy way to make a sweet bed for your daughter. I call this a princess bed because it reminds of the exaggerated and sweet head and footboards found in Disney books, on cartoons with princess, and even in fairy tale drawings.

To make this simple princess headboard and footboard you will need to use a jig saw. Do these cuts alone, but your daughter can help you paint when any cutting is complete.

To Make a Princess Headboard and Footboard You Will Need:

  • Plywood
  • Jigsaw
  • String
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Paint
  • Sand Paper
  • Drill
  • Metal Bed Frame

To get started you want to measure how wide your bed is. In most cases this will be made for a twin bed, which is a great size for kids.

Now, you need two pieces of plywood , one for the headboard and one for the foot board.

Cut the headboard down to 4 feet tall and the foot board to 3 feet tall. This is a dramatic look, so they are a little tall, you of course can make them the height you wish.

Now, lay each piece of the princess bed flat on the floor. Cut a piece of twine that is half the height of the board. Pin it to the middle of the board. Te a pencil to the end. Use this to draw a half circle on the top of the board. Repeat on the foot board.

Now, take your yard stick. Measure out 6 inches from the left edge. Draw this vertical line. Repeat on the right side.

Now, cut out the lines using a jig saw. You will even dup with 2 faux pasts and a rounded top in the middle.

Repeat this process on the princess bed foot board.

Now, sand all cut edges. This is a step that needs to be completed so there are no splinters.

Now, prime out the whole headboard. Once the primer is dry you want to paint it out. I recommend a semi gloss paint or even a milk paint in a fun girly color.

Once the paint dries on the princess bed out can glue on some flat backed jewels to the headboard and foot board. Try to glue them on in a pattern that follows the arch in the middle of the headboard. This is a great way to add more color and some sparkle.

This princess bed also reminds me of a Goldilocks bed as well! You can simple screw the headboard and the footboard to your existing bed frame using the holes already into the metal frame!

The headboard can be screwed to the wall if needed. For you to be successful in this project, you need to use the right tools and equipment. To help you out, you can visit www.impactdriverguide.co.uk/makita-impact-drivers. This website will provide you with the right equipment so the work will be easier.

Las Vegas Nightclubs – Risque and Tabu


Risqué at Paris Risqué is a club that doesn’t really live up its name and is located inside Paris; it is one of the original nightclubs on the Vegas strips. You actually wait in line on the first floor and then user up the stairs to the second floor when it’s your turn to actually go in which is nice since your not crowded with a bunch of random people pushing to get in. The nightclub hosts mostly an older crowd of people but if you end up going later in the night the younger the crowd seems to get but no matter what you’ll end up with a good mix of people. If you are 20 something year old I suggest getting there after midnight since by then most of the older patrons have cleared out but it really depends on the night.


There are a couple of bars in the Toronto clubs and getting to them never causes any injury and just about effortless which you can’t say for many of the other nightclubs on the strip. The unique aspect of this club is the fact that they have unique themed that change every night of the week, so you always get a different experience every time you go. There are two different rooms at Risqué, one room that is sultry and sexy and another that is more of the general party area. The nightclub also features a bunch of private patio areas which are located in the front of the club and you are able to take in the fountain show and the Bellagio with a great view as well as the Paris fountains. The nightclub a dance floor and since it’s not overly crowded you have room to dance with some pretty good music. The bar is not bad and the night I went they only had one drink special and that was a buttery nipple (completely gross) for around $6 not including tip and the other drinks were within range of the other nightclubs I had been too. This isn’t a place that you would spent the whole night at and most likely use it as a pit stop on the way to bigger and better clubs.

Tabu at the MGM Grand Tabu located at the MGM Grand is not really so much a nightclub as it is a “ultralounge” as they are called in Vegas. Tabu is a small small lounge/club area, whatever you actually want to call it, and it is very intimate. There is no actual dance floor or actual designated space to do anything really so you randomly sit/stand/dance wherever you feel comfortable. Most of the space at Tabu is taken up by the VIP table service area which I have yet to ever see anyone at, so really you see a bunch of empty couches and tables taking up most of the area and then a crowd of people packed like sardines because there is no room to move around because of said VIP area. What a waste of space. The music here changes nightly but mostly a Top 40/pop/house kind of a club with a pretty good DJ on some nights. The bartenders are the only thing actually worth going to this club for, they do great work and they should since a simple shot costs around $13. (I suggest a Jolly Rancher, strong but very good.) I’m not sure why this is called an “ultra” lounge but I would make us of my time at some of the other places on the strip.

Gift Tins: Canvas for Magnetic Paintings


During the holidays, metal or tin gift boxes and containers seems to explode into popularity. They are filled with all kinds of goodies from popcorn, candies, cookies, tea and coffee. Many of the emptied tin gift boxes and containers may wound up in the trash while others are saved for their themes and usage. The tin gift boxes and containers, however, have a playful and creative side. They can provide hours of mesmerizing doodles without the use of a pen or paint. If they are thrown away their playful and creative side will sit submerged underneath a pile of rubbish. For proper information, the selection of the informative post can be done at Painting Kits. Different and attractive doodles can be prepared through the person with the paint brushes. 

Magnets are involved to fully develop the unseen side of a tin. The goal is to have an end result, which will let you stick magnets to the tin. In this way, you can dress up the tin with magnets to create new and ever-changing themes to match the motif of the tin or to create your own. It’s great for play, developing imagination and learning a sense of artwork.

Naturally, magnets won’t stick to tin or perhaps to the metals that the gift boxes and containers are made with. At least that may be the case with some of the gift tins. To test if magnets will stick to your gift tin simply stick a magnet to the tin. If the magnet sticks, you won’t have to do anything else. You now have a canvas that you can stick magnets to in order to create fun themes and designs much like changing the outfits and accessories of a paper doll. If the test magnet will not stick, you may be able to adapt the gift tin. In order to change this, you will have to change the inside of the tins. If you hold a magnet underneath a piece of paper and then hold a magnet over the top of the paper within range of the magnet underneath, the two magnets should attract and connect. This is basically what will have to happen to the tin. There will have to be magnets on the inside of the tin to connect with magnets from the outside.

Magnetic rolls or sheets can be spread over the inside of the tin. MAGNETVALLEY.com has magnetic sheets or rolls that may work well with a tin. The magnetized side should be facing the outside and not the inside so that the magnets may connect. Since the product is in sheet or roll form, you may not have to do anything but cut it to fit the inside of the tin that is if it will stay in place on its own. Otherwise, you may have to fit it to the inside of the tin and glue the ends to hold it in place.

If the metal or tin box and container is like aluminum cans, the magnets should stick. If not the magnetic rolls or sheets can be used for other crafting projects. Hopefully, though, the tin will be like a refrigerator canvas; a canvas that will let you explore your creative side.

All You Need To Know About Kratom


Kratom is a type of tree that is popular for its medicinal properties. As mentioned on Stonerszone.com, with Kratom you get an amazing and effective drug that you can use in order to elevate your mood and your physical endurance. If you want to buy kratom near you you can click here.

Kratom is considered to be a recreational drug that you can use in order to boost your mood and improve your physical endurance as it has elements that are really good for mind and body. In addition to that, you can also use Kratom for anxiety, cough, high blood pressure problem, body pain, depression, and diabetes.

Although there no scientific tests that prove the effectiveness of Kratom, it is believed to a really popular and effective medicine by many people. In kratom, you find elements like mitragynine that is similar to drugs such as morphine that allows the users to relieve pain and release stress.

Additionally, it is advised that you avoid taking kratom directly as it may cause addiction and can also cause withdrawal symptoms if taken regularly. There are several other side effects as well, such as nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, constipation, aggression, hallucinations, and thyroid problems.

Moreover, if you are a regular user of kratom you might face issues like decreased appetite, muscle pain, diarrhea, watery eyes, and many other problems that you might not be comfortable with. As you get morphine like properties with kratom you might face sedative effects that might cause you to breathe slowly and that might decrease the oxygen content in your body.

There are several things and conditions that you should keep in mind if you are using kratom. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding your baby it is highly recommended that you avoid using kratom as that may affect the health of your baby as well.

Similarly, if you consume alcohol or you have mental disorder then you should definitely avoid using kratom as that can increase the suicidal tendencies that are not good for you.

There are different forms in which you can ingest kratom safely. That includes capsules, gum, tablets, and extracts. The way through which you consume kratom can also change its effects which is why it is recommended that you pay attention to the way you use kratom and since there are no proven ways that tell you about the safest way.

There are different strains of kratom that are there around the world. Depending on the location of their origin you can differentiate between them. Moreover, as there are no data about the effects of all these kratom strains you need to make sure that you consult a doctor before you start with the medication. Some of the most popular Kratom strains that are there are:

  • Maeng da
  • Indo
  • Bali/red vein
  • Green Malay
  • Thai
  • Borneo
  • Malaysian

As there are no guidelines or recommendations when it comes to the dosage of kratom you need to make sure that you take proper precaution as you use kratom.

These are the things that you need to keep in mind as you start using kratom for your anxiety and body pain issues. Make sure that you keep all these facts in your mind in order to avoid any problem that you may face with its usage.

Bluetooth Headset- Takes To The Fancy


Necessity is the mother of invention and there have been many since time immemorial. Right from Newton discovering gravity to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, we have come a long way and one must agree that ancient people were far superior craftsmen compared to modern people with all the technological advances and modern gadgets.

In the 21st century, we have many of them to talk about where the social media revolution took the world by storm during the mid 2000s where Twitter, Facebook and other social media applications drove everyone crazy.

Then in early 2010s, came Instagram and quickly superseded FB in terms of popularity where youngsters started having their own insta apps, not that they gave up on Facebook completely but just that it was no longer their first preference.

However, let us go back to the mid 2000s and discuss about one ingenious discovery that continues to hold fort even today and that is called Bluetooth, which is the first of its kind in the field of wireless technology that we know today.


Bluetooth was an experiment that began way back in the 1980s as a link to short wave radio technology where it was discussed about sending signals across a short wavelength with but with a new technique.

Nils Rydbeck was the CEO of Ericsson Mobile company in Sweden and it was he who had proposed the idea of promoting wireless headsets and earphones and gave the responsibility of specification to Tord Wingren and Dutch electrical engineers like Jaap Haartsen and Sven Mattisson were given the task of developing it into a well organized plan.

After many years of constant struggle where challenges and obstacles were thrown in by fate in front of them in order to break their determination but they refused to bow down and fought through it with their patience and perseverance.

Finally, in 1997, IBM head Adalio Sanchez, proposed the idea of integrating a mobile phone into a IPad notebook to Rydbeck, who happily gave his consent to the proposal and asked him to go ahead with it and the results were there for all to see and that too within a short period of time.

The Bluetooth was launched with much fanfare due to it being a combined project of IBM and Ericsson, who were considered the founders that contained a five member delegation that included Ericsson, Toshiba, Nokia, IBM and Intel.

The very first Bluetooth device was launched around mid 1999 where it was a simple mobile headset and quickly captivated everyone as it was seen as a revolutionary discovery that was much different from other inventions.

Ericsson T36 was the first model but the makers changed it to T39 that was launched in 2001 and the IBM ThinkPad A30 was the first IPad to have the privilege of being integrated with Bluetooth mechanism.

Truck Drivers’ Luck

The modern day gadgets have been of great use to one and all and not just the younger generation even though they are the primary audience who rely completely upon it while the old folks are far more comfortable with the old school gadgets in their lives as they are confused with the latest mechanisms.

Now, who are the people who want to enjoy the benefits of it all and that too without any limitation? Well, everyone should be included in this as there is not a single person in existence who has not utilized the benefits of these gadgets until now.

We are going to discuss about truck drivers and the gadgets that they require in their daily lives to complete their tasks. They have a hard day’s work that no one can understand better than them.

Jamie Hagan is a truck driver of great repute and has given a detailed account of the gadgets that have helped him out in life in both life threatening and everyday situations but right now we will just list out a few of them that he has instructed the other drivers to use as well.


List of Gadgets

The ones that are most important are listed as below:

  • Koolatron Kargo Kooler is the perfect device for all drivers who are frequently on the road moving from one place to another. It is used to pack sandwiches, drinks and even cooking utensils
  • Garmin Dezlcam- It is a GPS navigation tool that allows people to trace locations that they are unable to find easily
  • BlueParrot BT350 headset- It is a trucker Bluetooth headset reviewed by Ironhorsetrading and is a reputed headset that truck drivers must use on a frequent basis as the soothing music can cool their head and the sound quality is excellent
  • Power Drive PD3000- It is an inverter for air conditioners that has two USB ports for charging phones, computers and IPads
  • Trucker Tough QI- It is a phone charger that helps you to charge phones during emergency situations

What is the importance of hip flexor you should know about?


Hip flexors are essential for the perfect movement as it helps in the movement of your leg. It helps in connecting thighs to the spine, which works together for smooth motion. Hip flexors are one of the most powerful muscles which would help you in running and jumping. You can loosen tight hips with the help of flexors. It is the very important muscle in the human body as, without this, your life would be completely uncomfortable. You cannot get to walk perfectly or bend smoothly, which is why there is a muscle in our body. You should take care of your flexor as you should not let them get tight and weak by sitting all day. Most of the people usually get to sit all day, which is not good for the hips. It makes the flexor small and weak, which can cause pain in the flexors. 

What are the things you need to take care of?

If you want better and healthy hips flexor, then you need to do some stretching for it. The exercise will be going to make your hips stronger and better than before. Moreover, you will start feeling relaxed while sitting, and it will help in making your flexors big in size. Due to over sitting, your hips can get weak, which is why exercise is important for better health of your flexors. Most of the athletics use to stretch their flexors because these are the muscle which helps in running faster. This is the only reason behind the success of athletics. It supports in the running faster and helps in the prevention of the injury. 

At what part of life hip flexors comes in use?

If we talk about it use, then flexors come in use in every part of life. Standing, sitting, walking up or down on the stairs, etc. These are the moments in which flexors come in use, which is why you need to take care of them by doing daily exercise. If there is any kind of pain that occurs in your flexors, then you should have some rest because sometimes pain can be occurred due to over stretching of the muscle. Decreasing in size is not a good thing for the flexors that you need to keep in mind.

Bottom lines about hips flexors you need to discuss

There are lots of things which you need to work on if you want better health of your hips flexors. Firstly you need to improve your posture. The way you sit, stand, or sleep can make your hips uncomfortable, and thus, pain can arise in no time. Moreover, you should not tighten and relax your flexors for no reason because it can lead to weakening the hips, and thus pain will be going to be caused. 

In a nutshell, it is concluded that hip flexors are the most powerful muscle in the body because of which we can be able to walk every day.

What You Should Know About Filing Bankruptcy


Filing bankruptcy should be your last resort to trying to get out of debt. If you have found yourself in this situation then you should try to avoid the pitfalls that come with filling for bankruptcy.

If you have found yourself struggling to make payment on your loans or mortgages and your are completely extended beyond your credit limit, collection agencies have become uncooperative and you find yourself needing more than a credit councilor, then you may need to file a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.

The first thing that you should do is to seek the advice of an attorney that specialized in bankruptcy, they will be able to tell you which chapter you should file. The attorney will go through your financial records to see which one best suits your situation.

The attorney is the best person who should look into this as it is their department because attorney bankruptcy is something that you come across with everyday as there are numerous cases where someone falls into debt and goes from pillar to post to repay it from his creditors but only a few are successful in repaying it as a result of which you can see the san diego bankruptcy attorney  always on the job and handling cases with an iron fist and if your financial records are not in order, you may very well face legal consequences as your credit history is in jeopardy.

The two different types of bankruptcy are chapter 7 and chapter 13. Chapter 7 gets rid of all debt except for maybe alimony and maybe even some taxes, while Chapter 13 allows people with a steady income to prolong their bills over a 36 – 60 month period.

Here is how they work and how they help you. When you file a chapter 7 or a chapter 13 bankruptcy, you are issued a restraining order by the courts to protect you from all creditors. This will help against creditors garnishing your wages, harassment, and foreclosure without some type of a court order. This can come in handy to relieve you from the stress that comes with having to lose your personal property.

Now that we a little bit about each one of these, I am going to go into more detail on each one of them.

When you have unsecured debt, you may need to file a Chapter 7. This is for people who have items that they are still paying on such as furniture or appliances. You can return these without it costing you anything or you may chose to keep these items by being allowed a reaffirmation agreement with the creditors. When you file a Chapter 7, the attorney fees are set up so that you can establish some type of installment plan with them.

Make sure that you know the law behind filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In year 2001, the Congress passed a new bankruptcy law that makes it harder for anyone to file a Chapter 7 to wipe out all of their debt. When you file for a Chapter 7, you must first undergo credit counseling and take what is known as a means test which is where a judge makes the decision on whether or not you are able to make a twenty-five percent payment to their debt each pay period. If you are able to do this then you must file a Chapter 13 instead.

A Chapter 13 is much different from the Chapter 7. A Chapter 13 allows you to get immediate relief from creditors by allowing you to pay off the debt over an extended period of time, instead of just letting them go like you would in a Chapter 7. The attorney fees for filing a Chapter 13 will also be added to the total amount of debt and are paid through the court trustee.

Whichever bankruptcy that you file, remember that you will be left with a black mark on your credit history for filing. The up side to filing for bankruptcy is that you gain immediate relief, especially if you file a Chapter 7.

How Does Radiant Forced Hot Water Heating Work?


Forced hot water heating is just that. Water is heated by a boiler and then it’s piped through radiation with the use of a circulator pump. The hot water heats up the radiation and then heads back to the boiler to be reheated.

Radiation for a system like this can be baseboard or radiators, fan coil toe space heaters, or several other types of heating apparatus. Radiant heating works in the same way as all of these other methods. It takes the heat from the hot water and transfers it to the air in the room where it’s connected and controlled by a thermostat.

The difference with radiant heating is the material we are using to transfer the heat, our radiation. With traditional methods there will be baseboard registers or cast iron radiators that will heat up from the water as it’s circulated through them and then transfer to the air around it by convection, ultimately heating the room. Semi-Automatic industrial water softeners have these technology features.

With radiant heating, the same principle is applied, except the entire floor and everything that’s on it, becomes the radiation. Tubing is run under the finish floor, to heat the entire area and this in turn radiates into whatever it’s touching. This constant absorption of heat eventually brings the air and all the contents of the room, to the same set point you put the thermostat on.

Radiant heating is very efficient. It’s an even heat, that will usually eliminate any cold or hot spots that are typical with other types of radiation. Cost of installation can be considerably more initially. Mainly labor costs are what will drive up the bill. If you are mechanically inclined and can install it yourself, it’s a great way to save some money, while increasing your comfort level at the same time.

Types of Radiant Heating Installations

The most common use for radiant heating, has traditionally been concrete floors. Tubing is actually inlaid into the area where the concrete will be poured. During operation this tubing heats the entire concrete slab, which in turn radiates up to the room above.

As of late, many wood structures are using radiant heating. New innovations like plywood panels, that are used as a sub floor, can be installed that will accept the tubing in a track, that is pre-routed in the sheets of plywood. A feed is run from the boiler and then winds through the tracks in the slotted floor panels and then back to the boiler to complete the loop.

Another method of installing tubing in a wood structure, is to attack the job from the underneath. A pneumatic, (air) staple gun,is used and the tubing is pulled from a spool and stapled up to the underside of the floor. It then runs down the bay and back and then holes are drilled to enter the next bay and so forth and so on, until it goes back to the boiler.

When designing a system of this type, it is important that a professional heat loss be performed, to calculate exactly how much tubing you need and where to put it. If you have a blue print, a plumbing supply house will do this heat loss for you. They are interested in selling you the equipment, so they will usually go out of there way to get you a good stock list.

If you are doing a retro-fit, or for some reason do not have a blueprint, then an actual physical heat lost must be done. There are quite a few variables that need to be inserted into a heat loss calculation program.

Always employ a professional sizing expert. Again, they are usually available for a home visit, at the local plumbing supply house. Try to go where you intend to buy your equipment.

This type of heating can be installed under hardwood, tile or linoleum. It works great whenever there is a concrete slab involved. Concrete gives us dense radiation, in the form of the slab itself.

Reflective chrome panels are sometimes installed under the tubing in each bay. When the underfloor method is used, these plates radiate the heat specifically upward, where we want it. They increase the labor time, but also increase the efficiency of the system, making them worth the extra effort.

Radiant heating systems are set it and forget it. They run in the background completely automatically and evenly and efficiently warm you and your home. They have an extremely good track record for longevity and maintenance is virtually nothing once they’re installed.

How to Become a Licensed Plumber in North Carolina


Plumbing is a progressive industry that employs 1.5 million skilled tradesmen and -women in the United States. Aside from drain cleaning and the plumbing activities itself, the plumbing trade encompasses careers in field work, management, estimating, sales and design, as well as self employment and education. Those engaging in the plumbing business in North Carolina must become licensed, except those who make minor repairs to existing plumbing and heating systems.

Step 1:

Determine whether you wish to start your plumbing career by attending a trade school or working as an apprentice with a plumber or plumbing company. Licensure requires either 4,000 hours of documented on-the-job full-time experience, or half plus 2,000 hours of academic or technical training. Submit job applications to plumbing companies or apply to plumbing training programs. Be prepared to spend 2-5 years obtaining the necessary education and experience to become a plumber in North Carolina.

Step 2:

Choose the type of plumbing license you wish to pursue. Licensure is in North Carolina is granted by the State Board of Examiners of Plumbing, Heating and Fire Sprinkler Contractors (NCLicensing.org) . North Carolina plumbers are classified as either unrestricted (Class I) or restricted (Class II). Unrestricted plumbers may cover plumbing, heating and fire sprinkler work for all structures, while restricted plumbers may only cover single-family detached residential dwellings.

Step 3:

Once you have the requisite experience and education, apply for licensure by downloading and completing the application packet at NCLicensing.org. Select the exam(s) you wish to pursue. North Carolina plumbers seeking licensure may sit for examinations in plumbing and/or heating, fuel piping, and fire sprinklers. Fuel piping and fire sprinkler licensure requires additional training, education and documentation. You will be required to purchase current plumbing code books, textbooks and related study materials in preparation of your examination(s).

Step 4:

Upon application approval, schedule and pay for the plumbing examination as outlined in your acceptance letter. Depending on the license you are pursing, examination times range from 1-5 hours. Give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the testing site at least 30 minutes early. If the location is far away or heavy traffic may be an issue, consider checking into a nearby hotel the night before. Reference materials are allowed in the exam.

Step 5: Obtain examination results either by computer or mail. A grade of 70% or better is required to pass the exam. Some states grade exams immediately upon completion and issue a license or denial letter. Other states mail your license or denial letter, which can take 6-8 weeks to receive.


Your application for licensure also depends on a clean criminal and financial background investigation. Don’t lie or omit pertinent information on your application.

Pay your annual license renewal fees on time to avoid license expiration and additional reinstatement fees or requirements, and document continuing education.


Work only for licensed and reputable plumbing contractors or companies. Unlicensed work is not documentable toward licensure.

Your license can be revoked or suspended for cause, including fraud, deceit, negligence, incompetency, misconduct of failure to comply with the statutes of the state board examiners.

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