A Guide On Finding The Best YouTube Downloader


Downloading Youtube videos is a very handy thing to do, however, Youtube does not allow it by default. Having said that, there are unofficial tools on the internet that can be used to download youtube videos, such as a new online clip converter. With so many Youtube downloaders on the internet right now, it might be hard to find which is the best for you. In this article, we will help you find the best one for your needs, so stay tuned. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Online or software installation

There are two types of Youtube downloader – online downloader and software downloader. An online downloader will download videos from Youtube right in the browser that you are using, which can be really handy if you only want to download a single video. Having said that, online downloaders are not great to use with batch downloads, and they don’t have the fancy features of software downloaders.

On the other hand, a software downloader will require you to download an installer first, which will install the Youtube downloader software into your computer. This requires some time to set up, however, once it is all working, it will work just as fine, if not even better than browser downloaders. Software downloaders can support a lot of features that browser downloaders don’t have. Some of these include support for multithreaded downloading (take note that multithreaded downloading is still limited by the speed of your internet service provider, so you might not see a difference.) Other features include multiple downloads or batch downloads, download scheduling, limiting the download speed so you can still browse while downloading, compression of videos so that they take less space, video or audio conversions, and more. There are even video downloaders that allow users to edit their videos right in the application.

2. Download limit

There are Youtube downloaders that restrict your download somehow. The limitation can come in many forms. It can be a download speed limitation, in which the download speed of the videos your process is limited. There are conversion limits, which limit the number of videos that you can convert in a given time frame. There are also limits to the total duration of your video downloads, which is normally set at one hour. This means that you cannot download videos that are longer than an hour.

These limitations are generally found on browser downloaders. Having said that, there are also software downloaders that put some kind of limitations to their users and you will have to buy the full version or purchase a subscription to unlock all of the features that they have.

3. File extension support

The most important files to be supported are MP4 and MP3, since they are the most commonly used file format for videos and audio respectively. Other file extensions such as AVI, M4A, DIVX, etc are more specialized in use, and they are generally supported by software downloaders and a few online downloaders.

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